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Choosing the Best Branch of Engineering

Are you among the hundreds and thousands of students preparing for the upcoming engineering entrance exams in India? Still confused about the branch of your interest? If yes, then you need to know that there’s a very thin line between making the right and the wrong choice. Tread carefully, your decision would be responsible for shaping the course of your career.

After the 10th grade, students spend most of their energy on finalizing the top coaching institute to get outstanding marks. They fail to realize that more thought should be given to what educational stream is best suited for them than which coaching class will help them get good grades.

After the announcement of the entrance exam results, once again, students fall for the trap. They only consider fields that might be the most popular choice or have the maximum scope. That is a horrendous mistake one can ever make. You need to understand where your passion lies and trust your gut feeling instead of blindly following the crowd. One should not choose a particular branch of engineering just because someone else chose it and is happy with their decision. Respect the fact that each of us is unique. 

There are many successful businesses and well-paying jobs in all fields, including civil engineering, and chemical engineering. Trust us, no matter how fancy your college or branch is, if you don’t excel, you don’t become successful. Having said that, better colleges certainly have a better education system, better professors, and better “resume value,” which you cannot ignore. 

If you feel you’ve made a mistake by selecting a particular stream during your engineering course, then do not panic. If you are in your first year, you can try for Branch Slide, which simply means trying for the possible vacant seats in your preferred branch. Else, there is always the option of scoring well in the first two semesters and changing your branch to the one you yearn for. If somehow, both these options are not available to you, choosing your elective subjects wisely can turn out to be a wise decision. How about discussing your dilemma with your seniors and teachers to clear your cloudy judgment and rectify this error?

So, before you go about filling those application forms of various institutions, spend adequate time in deciding what do you wish to study. Whether that stream is in demand or not-so-cool, opt for something that is practical and viable.

When it comes to selecting the right IIT branch, there are many things that could mislead you into making the wrong decision. Here‘s how to avoid all this.

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