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Engineering and medicine are two of the most sought-after career options in India. Students who complete these courses after studying dedicatedly for 4-5 years, definitely turn out to be bright and intelligent. The civil services exam can also be compared to these two vocations as it involves rigorous studying for at least 1 year. Every year, only around 1,100 students appear for it but only a selected few get through the exams.

It is obvious that civil services require students with sound reasoning and pressure handling ability. There have been many students from medicine and engineering who’ve score very well in civil services exam every year. Roman Saini, Ira Singhal, Gaurav Agarwal, and Haritha Kumar are a few names that come to my mind. 

How Engineering or Medicine Will Better Equip You For Civil Services Exams(CSE)?

Gets You Accustomed to a Vast Syllabus

In the 4 years of engineering and 5 years of medicine, students have to study a vast syllabus, which is divided into semesters mostly. During each semester, students have to take out time for self-study and make thorough notes to pass with flying colours. Students also have to deal with a competitive environment as many brilliant minds are would be attempting the same exams. So, they eventually have to inculcate the habit of self-study as well as managing the time to complete the syllabus in the given period. Civil services exam, which is also known for its vast syllabus, tests the intelligence of students, who have to put in many hours a day to finish the syllabus on time. Engineering and medicine students thus have the advantage as they are already used to high-pressure situations.

Boosting Reasoning Skills

If we analyze the recent trends in civil services exam, the questions asked do involve more reasoning. The question paper involves analyzing and logical thinking, not just mugging up. It’s a well-known fact that science and engineering students are good at reasoning skills, which they develop due to the format and pattern of their exams in their bachelor’s degree. So, getting the qualifying marks in CSE is a piece of cake for these students.

Gives Extra Time to Prepare for CSE

Engineering and medicine students have some extra time on their hand while pursuing their bachelor’s degree. Engineers, especially, get a lot of free time in their 4 years of engineering and thus a serious aspirant can dedicate this time for his civil services preparation. Even medicine students can keep some time aside for CSE during their graduation years if they are serious about cracking the exam.

Gets You Acquainted with the CSE Paper Pattern

Firstly, let me tell you that the civil service exam is an objective type test with time constraints. Even engineering and medicine students have to clear very tough exams, which are also mostly objective. Although the syllabus for civil services is entirely different, students at least have the idea of how to score well in an objective exam and not to commit mistakes. The mains exam of civil services is a subjective exam, so writing skills as well as the knowledge of the subject is crucial. Engineering and medicine students are very well aware of the difficulty level of such lengthy exams as they too have to go through 5-6 subjective semesters during their bachelor’s degree.

Polishes Your Communication Skills and Improves Confidence

Good speaking skills and confidence are a must to clear the last and very important round of the civil services exam i.e. the interview. Engineering and medicine students also face viva tests for many subjects and have to give presentations from time to time. So, they certainly have an extra edge over the others in this section too.

The Civil Services Exam thus offers a great career opportunity to engineering and medicine students. Those students who want to make a difference in society and crave a stable and respectable job should definitely go for it.

Still not convinced? Here is an article about the similarities and differences between the civil services and engineering entrance exams.

We wish you all the best 🙂

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