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Has anyone ever made it to the list of successful people by following a shortcut rather than a difficult path? The answer will be simply ”NO”. The deal is same with Engineering and Engineers. Obviously, it will make you successful but it demands hard work, passion to bring the things alive which people only dream about. So, if you can make those things happen then you will be on the list of successful junta too. But don’t think that it is tough because it is demanding. This way you are making it more difficult for yourself. How will thinking ill about your profession help you be successful?

Not Tough but Tiresome!

Engineering can be tiring to an extent but that’s only because of some extra subjects that we have to study within our course which end up causing fatigue. In Engineering you have many such subjects like ”Moral Values”, ”Environmental Science” etc. Wonder why people who include these subjects in our curriculum do not understand that these subjects are only creating an additional burden in passing the semester. Students are going to open the books only the night before the exam. What is the use of EVS for a Computer Science student? Just extra knowledge but if he really wanted to learn these things he must be preparing for UPSC or SSC rather than writing codes. But sorry, they can’t understand or maybe they don’t want to.

Further, what makes it more tiring is that engineering institutes lacking in the number of qualified teachers. Remember we are not talking about professors in IITs or other prestigious institutes. Every engineering institute is filled with teachers who either don’t want to teach or don’t know how to teach because of which you end just abusing them. This is another reason you think it is tough but what you need to understand is the fact that now you have to do everything on your own. Just go online, search for the things you want to learn. You can find best educators teaching on different platforms. You have to write codes yourself and find errors as well by yourself only. No one else is going to do that for you.

What it teaches you?

Apart from all theoretical matter, it teaches about life. It teaches you how to solve problems by yourself, manage time,  choose between more prior and less prior things. You learn how to present yourself. Moreover how to deal with different types of people. Actually, it makes you undergo so many different situations like tech meets, interviews, group discussions, presentations etc. which gives you chance to improve yourself and your capabilities.

What do you take with yourself after Engineering?

Obviously, besides learning you will make memories with yourself which will never fade. Fun you had in the hostel, outings you made with your friends, late night group studies and eating together in the mess even if the food was ridiculous are some of the things that will never come back. So, enjoy your life while just simultaneously focusing on your goal as well.

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