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In recent years, it has become a trend of sorts among engineers to enter the startup sphere. The number of engineers doing startups is constantly increasing. Engineers are taking incredible leaps of faith by putting grit and grind into their ideas. They are coming up with new entrepreneurial ventures and startups, quite privy to the fact that their graduate degree has little to nothing to do with the bold choice that they’ve made.

Why are Engineers doing Startups?

Picture this – You’re standing on the vinyl planks of your beach-facing 4th_floor office overlooking some scenery straight out of a Bollywood song, through pristine windows the size of temple doors. Nonchalantly, you gaze at those magnificent little dials on your Patek Philippe, not to tell the time, but rather to remind yourself of your struggles to succeed. You’ve been living on the edge since the time you started your company five years ago; the dream you dedicated your life and sold your soul to.

Now, lose that grin and exit the trance. Because that is how all self-proclaimed entrepreneurs imagine themselves years down the line. They want to be at the highest rungs of the social ladder, relishing luxuries and of course a fascinating bank balance. Some even make it there, but the beach facing office is still beyond reach.

Only a resolute, strong-willed person, who is unfazed by the sheer amount of bullets he has to bite and is willing to maintain composure when under fire, would succeed in building a startup.

The Hidden Driving Force Behind Establishing Startups

Not all engineers develop a liking to their subject of study. Some veer off, pursuing their natural interests, while others expand their horizons and try out new things. A considerable proportion of engineers also tap into their inner leaders and take that courageous leap into entrepreneurship.

Leadership, strategizing, risk analysis and decision-making are some of the cornerstone pieces of a good startup. One should boast a repertoire of intense preparation and premeditation before making a foray into the unknown.

Management startups are the quintessential transgressors of ‘ex nihilo nihil fit.’ You have the power to build something from scratch by laying the bedrock yourself, hiring more workers, and augmenting goals and targets each year.

Before green-lighting any idea, there’s always one aspect that has to be scrutinized thoroughly – Financial capital and support. However, when it comes to entrepreneurial startups, this aspect is practically taken care of. There are plenty of investors in the market who are willing to shell out the capital, provided they are convinced that the startup looks promising. There is a flurry of crowdfunding websites and campaigns on the internet that the entrepreneur could make use of. In a nutshell, financial capital in the form of monetary investments is not difficult to raise, provided your idea is the real deal.

Another reason for rise in number of engineers doing startups bandwagon is because of the immense job security (in the long run), which typical tech jobs lack. When you’re a part of a management startup, you really can’t be given the pink slip. Even when the company is struggling to make ends meet, you retain total and absolute control of the enterprise. In conventional jobs; however, financial struggles and economic depression often result in losing your job.

So, there you have it. Engineers doing startups has become a norm. They are founders of startups owing to myriad reasons such as improved job security, hassle-free capital funding, the unique opportunity to create something original and potential to get recognized by the big guns in the market. Now that you know the perks of spearheading an entrepreneurial management venture, do you see yourself in one anytime soon?

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