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English being the compulsory part of curriculum, it is important to score good to get admission in elite colleges. Until I faced my English paper in my boards (year 2015), I had a notion that I can never score well, at least in English. My teachers were never impressed by my writing techniques until my pre-board examination. But, to my surprise I secured 97 % in my board examination. I always had average vocabulary, which was my major drawback in framing sentences. I actually thought that I would not be possible for me to make it to 90’s but then there was one tiny little thing which had always differentiated me from my fellow batch mates, it was my out of the box thinking ability. This article will support in your studies for English class 10.

I worked on my vocabulary and started putting down my thoughts in the form of notes and it helped me a lot. I followed some techniques:

  • Understand the chapters or the extract and frame questions of your own.
  • Practice of previous year papers is essential.
  • Do not use words without knowing the spelling and meaning, try using simple words for explaining highlighting the key words essential for the answers.
  • Try to present the answer script neatly.
  • Have the habit of getting into the shoes of character for poems and stories.
  • Never think you are less than any student who scores good throughout.

Pattern of Paper

  • Section A (20 MARKS): includes Reading skills
  • Section B (30 MARKS): includes writing skills with grammar
  • Section C (30 MARKS): includes Literature Textbook and extended reading text

Note: The board examination of English Class 10 will be of total 80 Marks and the duration of examination will be for 3 hours.

From this year CBSE has renovated assessment pattern for Class 10 Board exam. The assessment will be conducted of 80 Marks along with 20 Marks of Internal assessment will be conducted.

Internal Assessment comprises:

  • Periodic Tests with weightage of 10 Marks
  • Notebook Submission of 5 Marks
  • Subject Enrichment Activities of 5 Marks.

CBSE has designed this new syllabus to develop the student’s communicative competence in English. Therefore, the selection of the contents is done considering the students present and future academic, social as well as professional requirements.

The aim of the course is to:

(a)to make the students to communicate more effectively and apply in real life situations.

(b)use English effectively for the study to use English effectively for study purposes across the curriculum;

(c) to assist the students to   develop and integrate the use of the four language skills, i.e., listening, speaking, reading and writing;

(d) to make the pupil develop an interest in and appreciation of literature;

(e) to revise and reinforce structures already learned.

PS: Teachers may kindly keep the following in mind to develop these competencies:

  • Be Creative: The students should be encouraged to think on their own and express their ideas using their experience, knowledge, and imagination, rather than to being text or teacher dependent.
  • Encourage Self-monitoring: The students should be encouraged to monitor their progress, space out their learning, so they should be encouraged to see language not just as a functional tool, but as an important part of personal development and inculcation of values.

NCERT book is one of the important books preferred for english class 10. There are other books that can be used as reference:

  • Interact in English Workbook
  • Interaction in English-Literature Reader
  • English Class 10 for Together with English.
  • Ten years previous years papers.

Line of Action for English Class 10

  • The students should prepare for the exam by writing out every answer and then analyze their weak areas like grammar, spelling mistakes and then work on improving it.
  • One mist emphasis on reading out each lesson. By doing this, one can improve in memorizing the answers and important points, but it also helps in proving clear picture of the lesson. It also helps in framing the answers.
  • Try to write on the trending topics which are currently being shown in media, it helps in improving the writing skills and vocabulary.
  • Usage of flashcards to remember the names of characters and events are very helpful.
  • All poems and chapters must be read at least once, and all questions given at the end of the chapters and poems must be practiced.
  • All students must solve previous year papers or mock test papers to identify their weak areas and to get acquainted and familiar with the pattern of answering the exam.
  • Set Time before solving the mock test papers as it will help in managing time during the exam.
  • Revising, again and again, gives confidence for answering during the exam.
  • Also, try and finish chapters which you find easy to understand as it will boost your confidence.
  • Read NCERT book thoroughly since CBSE board exam questions are mostly based on the NCERT book.
  • Never start a new chapter at the eleventh hour. It’s is wise to revise the chapters which you have already completed.
  • To enhance the vocabulary students must try to write a new word with meaning and a sentence with that word every day.

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