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For all those of you who love to explore the laws of nature, Physics is your best friend. It is the ultimate discipline which questions our fundamental beliefs and understanding of the world we live in. Physics is an integral component of all science based entrance exams; an inevitable part of both PCM and PCB streams. Mastering this subject certainly gives an edge to a student over his peers; both in the exams as well as in gaining knowledge.

There may be many students who do not find Physics all that interesting for various reasons. However, once you get to know the subject, you will realize how interactive and applicable in everyday life it is! To try and like something that you are skeptical about is a bit tough, but once you do, you will see the subject in a new light. Hear us out!

Observe the Physics around you!

The first step is to apply physics to your life; in day-to-day situations. For instance, you can calculate how fast you can make your bicycle go or how far you can throw a ball. If you were jumping a bike across a chasm, for example, you would have to calculate the speed of the motorcycle, the distance across the abyss and the angle of the launch ramp. Otherwise, you might end up on a hospital bed!

Physics explains it all!

Understanding how much Physics governs and rules over our actions is a marvelous realization. You will find the subject all the more interesting when everything from the working of a black hole to the shape of a water drop can be explained through Physics!

Find the life in problems

Apart from these obvious perks to your daily life, these will also help you to visualize physics problems. Whenever you are given a problem statement, try to create an image of it in your mind-the application of the force, the angle of uplift, the direction of motion and all the other minute details. This will help you to analyse the problem better and arrive at a solution. Also, think about how physics applies to subjects that are of interest to you. If you like amusement parks, you can think about all the physics involved in the roller coaster rides.

Not only will it develop your interest in the subject, it shall provide you with problem solving skills. It is only through such thought process that students develop into problem solvers of the world, analyzing real life phenomena and finding a solution for human beings.

Clear your doubts

Talking academically, another important thing is that you should not have any apprehensions about asking questions. Don’t ever be afraid to ask your teacher for help. Usually, people assume that since no one else is asking questions, so everyone else understands the topic at hand but it might not be so. So speak up and let your teacher know that you are confused and that you are having difficulty coping up with the course.

Must. Clear. Doubts.

That will not only help you, but also the rest of the class. Always remember that there is no harm in having doubts. It is only a sign that your brain cells are churning and working while those of others are sitting idle.

Find the right books

You must follow good books for problem solving purposes. There are a number of excellent books available on the market for the preparation of the entrance exams. They also have a number of theoretical observations, which help to grasp the concepts. Good books are like good guides. If you follow a reckless guide, you might end up lost.

You must also change your approach towards the subject. Instead of memorizing formulas, it is better to understand the derivations. Mugging up a number of formulas will only make you more apprehensive of the subject. Rather, if you try and understand where they come from, you will start enjoying physics and its applications!

Not just academics!

Books by Stephen Hawking are an amazing read!

There are several books written on the various aspects of physics. Reading these will surely help you to develop an interest in the subject. These aren’t very thick bound volumes; rather they are designed such that even a layman can grasp the technicalities. Notable among them are: A Brief History of Time, The Theory of Everything, Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman!, The Fabric of The Cosmos and many more. These books are a marvel in the field of Physics and a great way to spend time too!

So, shed your prejudices and attempt your hand in Physics! It has a mystical pull many-a-times; Here are some discoveries that will leave your mouth agape! All the best!

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