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How to optimize exam preparation for 12th standard?

Another academic year starts and thus begins the season of never ending exams. For those studying in 11th and 12th, the tension of upcoming entrance and boards exams seems perpetual. In such scenarios, student generally tend to focus on one particular examination assuming that studying for that particular exam will cover the study requirements of other exams as well. But this is obviously a fallacy and the fact is that all exams, whether it be entrances or boards, have a pattern of their own and studying according to that pattern will certainly give an edge over others who didn’t. In order to excel in all of these examinations, studying smartly plays a key role. So the question that arises is how do I manage studying for all these exams? Well, the task is not that difficult but it requires dedication and hard work from your side. I’ll try to focus on JEE, Boards, BITSAT and KVPY because these four are the exams – with different difficulty levels, different purpose and somewhat different pattern – that an engineering aspirant should definitely attempt.


Probably the most important part of your exam preparation. Make a time-table, allot sufficient time for each subject and topic, and follow that time-table. It will be wiser if you allot more hours to JEE as it is the exam that requires more practise and has vaster syllabus compared to the other three. It is necessary to incorporate timely changes in the time-table as the difficulty of the topics keeps increasing as the day of exams comes closer. The date of BITSAT exam will be just a week before JEE-Advanced, so start preparing well in advance so that later you don’t have to compromise on either.


The syllabus won’t be the same for all the exams so make sure that you know the syllabus as you don’t want to spend extra effort on studying things that won’t be coming in the exams. The syllabus of JEE, BITSAT and KVPY is almost the same with BITSAT having a section extra comprising questions of logical reasoning and English proficiency whereas boards will have a few topics less compared to the others.


This is one key point which holds for any exam preparation, whether it be MCQ type or descriptive. JEE, BITSAT and KVPY will have questions galore which will test your conceptual knowledge of a topic. In boards too there will be questions, especially in Maths, which will require a lot of thinking even though the solution will seem simple later. The aptitude part of BITSAT is scoring and generally students don’t practise such problems with an assumption that they’ll crack it on the exam day but later struggle to solve those, so it is better to practise such problems well in advance.


While studying it is very essential to keep in mind the pattern of the exam. For e.g. Let us consider JEE/BITSAT/KVPY and boards. These two exams have completely different patterns as one includes only MCQ type questions and another one asking to describe the answers in brief. So if you are studying a topic of the former one, try to solve the questions in the most efficient way as possible without considering the number of steps you take while arriving at the answer or the method you take to solve as long the method is genuine. On the contrary, answers in the board exams needs to follow a particular length which can be guessed on the basis of the marks allotted to that question. The presentation of the answers matters a lot, so try to keep it at neat as possible. Generally, students attempt KVPY in 11th (SA stream) but not every topic of class 11th is part of the portion so it is relevant to identify these topics and avoid wastage of time and effort.


Past year papers are the best ammunition in your exam preparation arsenal. Before the exams, solving past year question papers will be more helpful instead of repeatedly revising the syllabus. By solving papers, you can get a feel of the type and difficulty of questions that may be asked in the exams. It goes a long way in getting the concepts clearly and also in keeping track of the time taken by you in completing the paper. This will help a lot in your attempt of excelling in the exams, especially in boards and BITSAT wherein most of the students find it difficult to complete the paper on time. Take tests of BITSAT on a computer as the final exam will be online and it is always helpful if you have experience of having given an exam in that format.

The aforementioned points are the most essential ones that you must focus on if you want your preparation of JEE, BITSAT, boards and KVPY to be fruitful.  Also, you must develop subject-wise strategies that suit the best for your preparation. Remember that whatever exam, it is only practice and time-management that helps you in getting better marks than others and thus helping you in taking a step further to success. You can find some more tips and strategies to help you in your exam preparation of KVPY, BITSAT, JEE and boards at Toppr.

All the best!

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