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Preparing for an exam is something, which if done properly, gives the best results. It is so much like an experiment that we perform in physics and chemistry laboratories: follow the method as precisely as you can, and you are sure to get the desired result. And similarly, we have some rules to help you excel in exam preparation that will guarantee success if always borne in mind.

Excel in Exam Preparation

1. Stick to the Plan

Preparing for an exam can be really tiresome if your body is revolting all the time while you are sitting in front of your desk. Anything from late sleeping to wrong eating habits can throw you off your game while you are trying to study. Even distractions like noise from a nearby construction site or too much heat can act as resistance in your ‘flow’.

Many of the things mentioned here are directly or indirectly under your control; all you have to do is plan your entire day from the time you wake up till the moment you finally go to bed. A schedule, if followed properly for many days, will tune your biological clock to be ready for specific activities at specific times. Following a good timetable keeps the mind ready for the right things at the right time every day. Moreover, distractions beyond your control like noise from a nearby construction site or scorching weather will cease to matter if your mind is ready for the task, and is in the habit of doing it every day.

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Plan your study timing in a day, and give yourself ample breaks. For instance, you could study for two hours, take a break, again sit for two hours, take a break again, and so on. Avoid taking larger breaks, or having shorter study hours. Some time is required to get in the flow, so do not let that flow break easily. Plan what you will be studying in the decided timings in advance. When you think your efficiency has reduced too much, either take a break or call it a day. Set realistic targets for a day, try hard to achieve them while being systematic. And, this way, you will save a lot of time that could have been just unproductive.

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2. Stay Motivated

Every JEE aspirant starts preparing two years before he or she gives the final exam. Two years is a long period and always staying motivated is a tough task. Throughout that preparation phase, an aspirant goes through a lot of ups and downs. There will be days when everything the teacher teaches in the class ceases to make any sense, or when a candidate flunks in an exam even though he or she had worked hard.

If this happens to you, you must keep yourself motivated. Remember that ups and downs are a part of life. But if nothing seems to be going right for a long time, then that means something is amiss. Maybe it is time to check your studying methods.

Sticking to a schedule, working towards a target and being in good company helps a lot in keeping yourself motivated. It, in turn, helps you to excel in exam preparations. Even meeting your every day’s targets gives a sense of accomplishment and helps you stay motivated. And all this applies for CBSE exams as well as for life beyond exams. 🙂

The above two rules are the most basic ways to excel in exam preparation and are effective in helping you achieve a set of goals.

For more advanced tips to crack an exam, you need to work harder and focus on the details.

Toppr wishes you all the best for your endeavors!

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