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How does Facebook hire?

Getting a job at Facebook is like a dream come true for job seekers of the Tech Community. Rated as one of the most desirable employers of the world by the Forbes magazine, Facebook attracts the best and brightest of the coding talents from across the world to do research and developmental works in its various challenging domains.

Facebook Inc. has a total of 64 offices scattered across the globe and provides an outstanding training and working environment to approximately 13,000 tech geeks from all nationalities.

The first thing that Facebook looks for in its potential employee is a leader who can exhibit creativity, far-sightedness and sheer tactful expertise in their respective domain.

If the hiring process is done in an off-campus manner, the entire hiring process consists of a minimum of 4 to 5 rounds that judge the applicant’s logical reasoning ability, their street-smartness and efficacy in solving complex problems in a short and precise manner.

The general rounds involved in the hiring process are enlisted below:

  • Telephonic interview: The HR manager tries to assess the candidate’s technical experience in the relevant field and also their zeal and enthusiasm in contributing positively towards the overall progress of the organisation.
  • Technical telephonic interview: An employee of the same domain working currently at Facebook Inc. will call the candidate and carry out an interactive session, wherein she/he will judge the candidate’s basic technical knowledge and awareness in the latest technological developments in information technology.
  • On-site virtual tour of Facebook HQ: The third stage comprises an Oculus virtual tour of the Headquarters at Facebook in Palo Alto, California. This facilitates the candidates to become more candid and frank, thus providing a deeper insight to the employer about the spontaneous nature of the employee. Also, the candidate gets to know better about the organisation and the work culture within it.
  • Technical rounds (Coding skills): These rounds test the ability of candidates to develop practical programs to solve real life-based complex hypothetical problems and their ability to optimise and improvise complex codes. Further, their logical reasoning abilities are also put to test.

Selection of the candidate is based not only on their merit but also their ability to stretch their imaginative skills and far-sightedness which determines their ability to take the company to the summit.

With the motto of Facebook to connect to every individual dwelling on the planet, the future of the organization rests on work ethics and unified efforts of highly motivated employee personnel.

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