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Almost half of the people you’ve ever met have judged you by your smile. Shocked?  Don’t be, cause this is nothing compared to what my dentist told me! Here are some of the most interesting facts about teeth.

Amazing Facts About Teeth:

1) Enamel is the hardest part in the Human body.Our permanent teeth are designed to last a lifetime.

2)The teeth begin to form before we’re born. The grow as we cross the embyonic stage.

3)Our smiles are unique to us as no two people can have the same set of teeth,just like fingerprints.

4)Around 6 months after birth, the milk teeth show up and around 6 years they start falling, to give way for permanent teeth.

5)One third of our teeth are hidden away under the gums. What we see is just two thirds of a tooth.

6)One of the most common  disease among children is tooth decay.

7)In an average lifetime the human body produces enough Saliva to fill two olympic size swimming pools.

8)Saliva protects our teeth from Plaque (Acid producing bacteria which eats up the enamel).It can be considered a Lewis base.

9)Plaque in increased by intake of Sugars amd Carbohydrates. It can be controlled by consistent flossing and brushing.

10)On an average, a person spends around 38.5 days brushing teeth in a lifetime.

11)Dental care is utmost important as Oral health is linked to Heart disease,Stroke and Diabetes.

12)Too much use of toothpaste can cause flourosis, characteristed by white spots on the teeth. Idealy toothpaste used to brush must be the size of a pea.

And the most important bit amidst all of this: Keep smiling!

The teeth are but a small cog in the amazing machine that is the human body. You can read some crazy facts about the human body, and appreciate the marvel that it is, here!


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