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Monsoons in India are characterized by incessant rains, wet clothes and running noses. Have you ever thought why we often fall sick in the rainy season? As it turns out, you’ve come to the right place!

Rainwater on its own can’t harm our body, but viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites do the dirty job. During regular seasons our immune system fights against all these external evils and keeps us from falling ill. But in the rainy seasons, the White blood cells weaken due to  temperature fluctuations, thus lowering our immunity.

“Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink” from the Rhyme of the Ancient mariner is true to the word. The rainwater we see contains loads of bacteria and viruses. Water bodies get polluted easily during rainy season thus raising the risk of water borne diseases. With a weaker immune system, bacterial diseases like Typhoid and viral diseases like Common cold and Viral fever spread easily.

Parasites tend to flourish during rainy seasons, multiplying exponentially due habitable surroundings. Mosquitoes being the most common form of parasites in India. Malaria and Dengue cases skyrocket during rainy seasons as Mosquitoes being the carriers for these diseases. Fungal infections also increase due to high humidity and temperature fluctuations.

To stay healthy during monsoons you need to keep your immune system strong. This could be achieved by increasing our Vitamin C (lemons,oranges etc), Protein (meat, fish, eggs etc), Curd and Water intake and by avoiding street food.

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