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While a classroom education is a very important part of schooling, outdoor activities often get ignored. The school and teachers are responsible for the overall development of students, and this includes physical development also. So it is very important to get the kids moving, playing and in general having fun. These field day games will fulfill this purpose while also ensuring the kids have loads of fun!

Fun Field Day Games to try with your Class

A day outside in the field is sometimes exactly what students need on a school day. Getting outside and challenging themselves physically as well as mentally is very beneficial for the students while also being a lot of fun! It also encourages team building and active participation. Games are in fact a great way to build character and develop their personalities.

Teachers must prepare in advance for a field day otherwise it can get quite chaotic. They must think of age-appropriate field day games for their students which are age appropriate but not too easy either. The games should challenge the students without frustrating them. Let us take a look at a few delightful field day games teachers can introduce to their classes.

school field day games

List of Field Day Games for School

  • Balloon Pop Relay
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Golf Bowling
  • Hula Toss
  • Alphabet Races
  • Tug-of-War
  • Obstacle Course

Balloon Pop Relay

You will need two chairs and several inflated balloons. Split the class into two teams. One by one the students grab a balloon and run to the chair. They will attempt to pop the balloon by sitting on it on the chair. Once the balloon pops, the next students get tagged and so it continues. The team that pops all their balloons first, wins! This game is suitable for younger children.

Water Balloon Toss

This is a fun game involving water balloons and two teams of 3-4 students. Take a large beach towel, and the kids hold the ends and place a balloon in the center. They use the towel to toss the water balloon, and the other team has to catch it in their towel. If they catch it, they take a step back and toss it back for the other team to catch. The game usually ends in a water balloon fight and is a lot of fun for the kids.

Golf Bowling

This is a sight twist on normal bowling. Here we set up the bowling pins but we try to knock down them down by using golf balls. So every student gets three golf balls to knock down all the pins. This game is more suitable for kids in middle school.

Hula Toss

Again a variation of the conventional ring toss. Set up different sized cones on the field at some distance from each other. The kids will toss hula-hoop rings over the cones. This is great for students from grades three to five. It improves their motor skills, coordination etc.

Alphabet Races

Again a game for pre-schoolers that helps them learn their alphabets> You can alter it to teach them numbers, tables etc. Fill two buckets with foam or magnetic alphabets. The student calls out a letter or number. The students search for the alphabet in the bucket. And once they find it they run towards the end line clutching the alphabet. First one to cross the line wins. Best to play the game in pairs.


Traditional tug-of-war is a great option among field day games. Students of all age can participate and it is a lot of fun. Students learn about strategy and team work. If playing with younger students, some adults may need to participate.

Obstacle Course

Teachers can create their own obstacle courses for their young students. Use foam noodles, empty boxes, hula-hoops, balloons, etc. to make your safe and fun obstacle course. It is sure to be a hit with the kids!

These field day games are a very fun and efficient way to get the kids moving. They teach team-building, coordination, motor skills, communication, and many other important skills and the students get a break from their daily monotony. Its a win-win for all!

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