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You wait with baited breath for the exam fever to fade.

You hope against all odds that every exam goes well and you reach the peaceful vacation stage. The time when you and your friends can kick a ball around, without worrying about homework. The time when you can go on trips and watch tv all day long, without mom asking you to sleep early. It’s the time when your whole week is like a weekend.

But one month into that joyous break, you start to get bored.

Because your mind can only be occupied with this for so long, you crave routine. That’s when you really miss school. You miss meeting all your friends, you even miss your PT teacher. When there’s one week to school, you get absolutely excited, buying stationary, a new bag, maybe even new shoes!

However, those days are nothing, as compared to the massive flurry of nerves you feel on D-Day.

It’s the churn of butterflies, your anxiousness about a new school year. You’ve heard the next standard is tough, but now you’ll get to experience it.

So you pack your new books wrapped with brown paper, into your brand new bag.

Soon you find yourself standing in front of this massive building, which is almost a second home to you. You stand and stare, till the bell rings loud and clear. A bell you thought you’d forgotten, but as soon as it rings, all the good memories come flooding back.

Half a day goes in figuring out who-did-what in their summer vacation. You slap your friends on the back, a lot of hugs are exchanged and it feels like you’re back where you belong.

You crack open your tiffin and all those missed friends turn up unannounced and you know you’re reunited with your pseudo-family.

A place you might have thought as an institution, is now the place where you belong. You finally feel like summer vacation is over and you’re coming back home.

And it’s the best feeling in the world!


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