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Foreign author books to get stronghold on concepts:

Preparing for entrance exams is a well-established herculean task. However with the right amount of planning, it could turn out to be an organized process. All you need is the right amount of preparation, guidance, planning and resources. Often the wrong content misguides students into reading material which is not only incorrect but also beyond the syllabus. Referring the correct books while preparing for entrance exams like JEE (Advanced) is very important. In the due course of building a concept, it is essential that you understand the details from the first book you refer to. We give below a list of foreign author books to build a solid concept that are essential for developing such concrete base. This will ensure a better understanding of the subject on your part as it has to several toppers earlier. Read on!

Fundamentals of Physics – Resnick, Halliday, Walker

This is a calculus-based Physics book currently in its tenth edition that extensively covers Mechanics, Waves, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Optics and Special Relativity. It provides answers to specific feedback questions of students. Clear, correct and full of real-world examples, this one wins it.

Problems in General Physics – I.E. Irodov

There is always a heavy debate whether this book is even targeted for JEE. Well, it is an advanced level book which must be read at a time when you feel that you have mastered a chapter. Go for problems you feel are relevant and you will see how it clearly demands a mindset required for JEE. It is without a doubt, one of the best ones in the race.

Coordinate Geometry – SL Loney

If there is any book best suited for coordinate geometry, it is this one. Starting from a clear explanation of fundamentals with solid background concepts, it has problems which can be solved repeatedly to polish your knowledge. Once you master this book, solving coordinate geometry problems in JEE would be a cakewalk. With chapters on coordinates, locus, equations representing straight lines, circles, parabolas, ellipse and hyperbola, it brings a great learning experience.

Higher Algebra – Hall and Knight

No wonder Algebra is one the toughest sections of mathematics, that its books have problems that test the strongest of brains. Smoothening these problems for you, Higher Algebra brings a comprehensive book for students targeting entrance exams. The book comprises of chapters on ratio and proportion, progression, permutation and combination, determinants with perfect explanations to each and every type of problem.

Organic Chemistry – Morison and Boyd

The best-covered topics covered in Morrison Organic Chemistry book are Molecular Structure and Properties and Principles of Organic Chemistry. The book helps the students to understand the role of molecular structure in understanding the basics of organic chemistry. Highly recommended for preparation of Organic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry book by Morrison and Boyd is quite good for JEE preparation and preparation of other engineering entrance exams and medical entrance exams.

Inorganice Chemistry – J.D. Lee

This book is quite concise, covers the entire inorganic syllabus and does not compromise on the essentials of Inorganic Chemistry. The book includes a lot of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), assertive-type questions as well as single-choice questions for students’ practice. The detailed answers given to the problems at the end of each chapter help students to clarify their concepts and have step-by-step understanding of how to handle such problems in the future. Concise Inorganic Chemistry has an interesting and contrite presentation. A shrewd mix of theory and application of chemistry, the book is a little more practical-oriented. It is a good reference book for college students too.

These are a few of the best foreign author books. Right preparation can only be supported with a backbone of apt material and hence these books are a must for all. Keep following us for more such helpful preparation tips!

All the best!

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