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An idealist, too good to be true sounding person, would say something like, “I don’t believe in minimum effort; sky’s the limit” stuff. Well, I like being a realist. Considering the fact that one wants to crack an entrance and get into AIIMS rather than doing a Ph.D in plus 2 subjects, here are few golden points to be kept in mind. Read on to know the most important formula to crack AIIMS.

Formula To Crack AIIMS:

First of all, get your NCERTs of 11th and 12th for physics, chemistry and biology right. What one requires is surety and self-belief in what they are doing. Once you’re secure in that aspect, you can focus all your energy into reading and RETAINING the most important things.

Second of all, kill your ego and “over-confidence” over the fact that you are intelligent enough to retain once you’ve read.This is the golden formula to crack AIIMS – read as much as you can and as many times as you can. Read again and again. Even if you think you remember everything, read it again after a break of few days. Test your reading. Too much reading wouldn’t hurt now, would it? And biology is a big time memory challenge. The more number of times you read “EFFECTIVELY”, the better you’ll retain.

Let’s talk about the stupid classic question of ‘how many hours’ in a day, shall we? If I say you should study 24 hrs a day, will you believe me and implement it? I hope not. Everyone has a different way of studying and a different method. The basic amount of hours you need to put in vary from 6-8. People have cracked AIIMS studying much more than that and by studying less too.

Simply put, 7-8 hr sleep is absolutely important, no matter what. Take out another 4 hours for your daily chores. Give an hour or two to some fun activities that take your mind off and relax you. The remaining 11 hours need to be managed. To effectively utilise the rest of your time, PLAN your schedule either subject wise or topic wise, whichever way suits you. Then try following that. Remember to put in gaps in between every study break which should be just enough to refresh you. Like I said, you need to EFFECTIVELY read. In your breaks, fresh fruits or juices can help. Don’t eat junk food which makes you drowsy.

It’s good to get inspired by reading what others have to say, once in a while. But also remember that there is no substitute to hard work. Be attentive at whatever you’re doing. If you attend coaching classes then make the most of it. Don’t be shy and let your doubts stay with you. If you won’t clear your doubts now, when will you do it? It’s easy for me to say these things, but you have to clear all your doubts otherwise there’s no point of reading so much.

Make sure that you finish your targets set for the day. Plans don’t always go the way we think that they would, so keep that in mind but DON’T make that an excuse. Also, remember that besides NCERTs, the previous years’ question papers and sufficient number of MCQ tests need to be practiced thoroughly.

Time management is important and so is the fact that real time mistakes like bubbling errors should be minimised. Both 11th and 12th need to be revised thoroughly and multiple number of times. Biology and chemistry textbooks to be read word by word, line by line and leaf by leaf. Physics – focus on modern physics, semi-conductors, nuclear physics, optics and electricity. By focus, I mean, put in extra effort to get everything right in these topics. Everything in physics is also to be read, WITHOUT FAIL.

There are non-academic components like confidence, faith and mental toughness that you need to work on too. Because sometimes, in the shadow of fear, no matter how well you’ve read, you end up making mistakes due to stress that you normally don’t otherwise. And remember one thing, “If you really really want something, you’ll put in all that effort that needs to be put in and you’ll get it.” So, Good luck and I hope you read enough, because ultimately no matter how good this might sound, what you read and how you perform is all that matters.

This was our formula to crack AIIMS. For more preparation related articles, keep following us here.

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