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What is Free Energy Magnet Motor?

A free energy magnet motor uses its natural properties such as attraction and repulsion of the magnet poles to create a perpetual motion which can be harnessed to do a useful work. The permanent magnets have invisible and continuous power where it can attract the iron or another specific kind of metal with the energy flow which allows the permanent magnet to defy the gravity for years. Therefore, it is believed that the free energy can be extracted from the permanent magnets by arranging the magnets in a special configuration.

Similar to the solar panel does not put effort into producing electricity, the power of a magnet flows from the environment and not from the magnet. The electrical pulse which creates the magnet aligns the atoms inside the iron and creates a magnetic “dipole” which has the same effect that the electrical “dipole” of a battery does. It polarizes the quantum environment surrounding it and causes great streams of energy flow around itself.

This is the reason that magnet can attract the iron or another specific kind of metal with the energy flow that we so called “magnetism”. This energy flow allows the magnet to defy the gravity for years on end. This property of magnet is believed that have the capabilities to create an indefinite source of energy. Through the concept of the natural polarity of the magnetic poles that the like poles attract each other, unlike poles repel each other. The natural repulsion or the repelling characteristics of magnetic waves creates a perpetual motion that is being harnessed by the magnetic devices

Howard Johnson’s Motor

Howard Johnson‟s Motor is known as the motor that uses the natural behavior of permanent magnet which is repulsion and attraction to create the indefinitely rotating motion of the motor. Johnso’s motor is directed to the method of utilizing the unpaired electron spins in ferromagnetic material as the power source without any electron flows in normal conductors. The magnetic flux created by the magnet is controlled and concentrated to orient the magnetic forces to do useful continuous work.

Adam’s Motor

Adam’s Motor is an electro-dynamic motor-generator has a salient pole permanent magnet rotor interacting with salient stator poles to form a machine operating on the magnetic reluctance principle. The motor was designed and built using permanent magnets on the rotor and pulsed electromagnets on the frame of the motor.

Charles Flynn’s Motor

This is an invention which is a motor with permanent magnets positioned so that there is a magnetic interaction between them. A coil placed in the space between the permanent magnets is used to control the magnetic interaction. The coil is connected to a source of electric potential and controlled switching so that closing the switch places a voltage across the coil and affects the
magnetic interaction between the permanent magnets as to produce rotational movement of the output shaft.

Steorn’s Motor

Steorn, of Dublin Ireland, claims to have discovered a technology that produces “free energy” that could transform the renewable energy sector, providing clean, continuous, reliable, safe, affordable energy for the world. They have essentially two iterations of the effect: an all-magnet motor technology as well as an electromagnetic over-unity technology.


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