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Game Of Thrones: Craze Of The Decade?

Millions of bona fide geek fans watch the wildly popular HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’ which is currently in its sixth season. This masterpiece is one of the greatest thing to happen to the English television world.

If you manage to look beyond the medieval and magical fiction and the gratuitous nudity, it becomes apparent that Game of Thrones is plush with science. One of the war-tools that fans have frequently seen on Game Of Thrones is Wildfire.

What is Wildfire?

Wildfire is a gelatinous liquid with an eerie green color. It’s a very dangerous material that burns so hot that water will not extinguish its flames. It can even explode if handled carelessly.

Where does it appear in GoT?

Wildfire ignites everything it touches, even water, turning the opponent’s fleet into a macabre St. Patrick’s Day themed marshmallow roast. Wildfire was used to dramatic effect during the naval attack on King’s Landing by Stannis Baratheon. Tyrion Lannister sends a ship loaded with wildfire into Baratheon’s fleet — a single flaming arrow causes a massive explosion that destroys most of Baratheon’s armada. When Martin becomes bored with slashing folks to pieces he simply burns them alive.

Could this be used in real conventional warfare?

Chemical weapons like wildfire have had a disturbingly long history of use during warfare as ‘Greek Fire’. Wildfire is actually an ingenious weapon, if you don’t mind its tendency to explode for no reason. It is the stuff of nightmares. This allows the substance to ignite quickly, burn incredibly hot, as well as be highly impervious to water.

What is its chemical composition?

The composition of Greek was kept very confidential. It’s biochemical combination, a mere speculation, is believed to be of naphtha (derived from coal tar or other hydrocarbons), quicklime (calcium oxide), sulfur and potassium nitrate thrown in there for dramatic detonation purposes.

The green colour of the flame is probably due to metal compounds that burn green. For instance, trimethyl borate produces a lovely emerald flame. Though the liquid itself it colourless, copper(II) chloride will greenify the stuff faster.

As a result, the wildfire is one of the most plausible tool that is depicted on the fictional cellulose of GoT.

Game Of Thrones is one of the things that those who have just cleared their exams will be hoping to catch up on. You can also get into a bit of football, with the EURO 2016 well and truly running! Catch your personal guide to EURO ’16 here.

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