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How to Tackle General Knowledge Questions in AIIMS

The best medical college in India AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) has its own entrance exam, since it turned down NEET. This was because they felt this will bring down the standard of their exam.

General Knowledge in AIIMS – An overview

In the AIIMS entrance exam, there is a section of GK which accounts for 20 marks with negative marking. Many students do not consider General Knowledge as important as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. But GK is not only significant in this exam but also in your life. Students need to prepare for GK too. The questions can be from any areas like movie awards, political science, Nobel Prize winners, sports etc. Considering the previous years’ question papers, it has been realized that scoring well in GK isn’t very difficult. Here are some the questions asked.


    1. Name the first digital state of India?


    1. Kerala.


    1. Who is the CEO of Google?


    Mr. Sundar Pichai.

Odd one out questions, Pictionary and logical puzzles have been asked. Proper preparation will help you get through it easily. Reading history, geography and other specific text books sold in the market for GK is not needed. Here are some of the tips you can use to crack GK in AIIMS entrance exam.

How to tackle it?

GK is a subject of endless discussion. It is always good to talk to your peers about any topic in GK. Exchange information with them. Allot 5-10 minutes for this session every day. You remember things better when heard than read. Some of your friends may be good at a particular topic, for example, sports. Ask that person to give a small talk on it for about 15 minutes. Some other person the next day. Make a group of about 10 people. This will be of extreme help.

  1. Read the newspaper every day. It is not only for this exam but for your life. To expand your horizon and to know the world better. Write down all the important headlines especially during the last six months.
  2. Make a list of the international award winners from India in all the major fields like science, movies, sports, beauty pageants, literature and others. Know where India stands in the world in various aspects of current affairs. etc. Know the ‘First achievers’ in various feats.
  3. Many of the students who did exceedingly well in this section say that the Yearbooks help a lot. Collect a few of them and read them.
  4. Check out all the previous questions papers. This will give you a fair idea of the section.
  5. There are websites like aim4aiims which give a lot of information related to this section. Even they are good sources for tackling General knowledge in AIIMS.

Last, but the most important point ignored by many students. Maintain a record of your mistakes. When your institute conducts mock exams or when you take GK quiz online, you will obviously make some errors. Identify them, take a book and write them down. Periodically, go through the book. Find out the topics you are weak at. Concentrate on them. You cannot read all the books and newspapers before your final exam. This record will become the most important book on your shelf.

Nothing comes easy. Neither does this. Do the best you can. General knowledge is a subject where you can score really well if you keep on your toes. Hope this article helps you in what it promises to. All the Best!!

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