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It is important for any SSC CGL candidate to prepare for the examination in a rather structured and organized manner in a way that it is able to provide you with the complete outline of what must be studied mandatorily for the exam. In this regard, it must be made known to aspiring students that in case of the portion of mathematics, the geometry section can be quite tricky and scoring at the same time, because of which a certain structured plan of study must be put in place if he or she wishes to learn the detail of SSC CGL geometry in an organized manner. When chalking a plan out for going about the preparation of geometry for SSC CGL, it is important to put a plan in place that aims at providing you with a good understanding of all the concepts that is related to the kind of geometry questions that are common in this examination. This kind of practice will ensure that a student develops certain abilities such as problem-solving techniques that have to do with geometry upon completing these chalked out practice courses that test you on SSC CGL geometry. Let us understand the facts related to geometry for SSC CGL.

Other miscellaneous steps to follow in Geometry for SSC CGL

One must also not forget to solve all of the previous year question papers to have an idea of the question pattern on geometry which will lend each student the power to solve problems by means of applying concepts they have been learned for quicker and more efficient results. Preparation must be done keeping in mind that geometry is one of the most crucial parts of the Quantitative Aptitude section of the SSC CGL question paper and therefore the various concepts related to lines, circles, polygons, angles and so on. A student preparing for the examination should also be aware that when it comes to geometry mugging up is going to be of no use, it is a detailed understanding of the concepts and theorems that can help out with the geometry portion during the examination.

Systematic study of SSC CGL

In order to perform well in SSC CGL geometry portion, a systematic method of study must be put together, as has been mentioned earlier. However, students must have an idea about what this systematic course must entail and which are the best ways in which to approach them. Certain lessons that must be included in this course without fail are as follows:

  • Comprehending the basic concepts of SSC CGL geometry
  • Understanding the base level concepts of geometry itself
  • An introduction to Parallel lines
  • An introduction to triangles
  • Concepts and theorems of triangles
  • Basic concept of Orthocentre
  • Questions on Triangles
  • Basic concepts of similar and congruent triangles
  • Concepts on similar triangle theorems
  • An introduction to quadrilaterals
  • Questions related to Rhombus and Trapezium
  • Basic concepts of Trapezium
  • Basic concepts of Polygons
  • An introduction to Circles
  • Basic concepts of chords
  • Important theorems pertaining to Circles
  • Important questions covering circles
  • The more important concepts of geometry

What can a student expect?

With the growing importance of the section of Geometry for SSC CGL, it has become imperative for aspirants to master the concepts in no time. This is particularly important because, in recent times, almost ten to fifteen questions are from geometry without which the portion of Quantitative Aptitude will fall apart for a student. It has also been noticed as a trend among students that although this portion is highly scoring, a larger percentage of students abstain from answering these questions whenever they can and a reason for that could be a confusion in the basic concepts of Geometry for SSC CGL and therefore a deep-seated fear to attempt these questions. However, students must be made aware of the fact that there are several tips and tricks which will enable them to perform better in this portion as also overcome the fear.

Basic concepts to keep in mind

The trick to learn of the concepts of geometry to be able to apply them to problems to find solutions can be made easy if students decided to follow a certain number of concepts that form the basis of the SSC CGL geometry questions and should easily be answered upon remembering and some of them have been listed below:

  • A line that divides an angle into two equal portions is known as an angle bisector.
  • In centre is the meeting point of all angle bisectors and it is the centre of the incircle in a triangle.
  • An incentre of a triangle is the point from which all sides are at an equal distance.
  • The incentre of the triangle always lies within it.

You can expect questions of the manner of the following:

  1. If “I” is the in-center of a triangle ABC and <BIC = 135 degrees, then triangle ABC is at an

a. Acute angle Triangle

b. Equilateral Triangle

c. Right-angle Triangle

. Obtuse angle Triangle

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