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How to get up when you’re knocked down?

It ain’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.”—Rocky Balboa

To get up, when you’re knocked down, is one of the most important lessons life will teach you. It will help you deal with the inevitable problems when it gets tough. Life does have its ups and downs. But all you can do is muster all the courage you have after getting knocked down. In this article, we bring you some inspiration so that you can get up when you’re knocked down.

Read on!

A Story of Courage

Many people will inspire you and change your life. One such story is of the Hungarian Olympic shooter, Karoly Takacs. He had won two gold medals in the 25-meter rapid fire pistol event by the time he retired. There’s something about his life, which makes his journey extra special.

Born in Budapest, Takacs joined the Hungarian army in his early twenties. In 1936, this right-handed shooter became a world-class achiever at the age of 26. Unfortunately, he was denied a place in the 1936 Olympics team as he was only a sergeant then. Only commissioned officers were allowed to represent the nation. Again, this must have been the case with many countries at that time. He didn’t lose heart and was determined to get through this hurdle. So, he started preparing even harder for the next Olympics (1940), which was scheduled to be held in Tokyo. Unfortunately, fate had something different planned. During one of his training sessions, a grenade exploded and injured his right hand. It was his shooting hand!

A psychological shock, far greater than any physical one, had befallen upon him. Most of his colleagues expressed their deep sympathies. He was hospitalized, and his hand had to be amputated. Takacs kept a low profile after his discharge from the hospital and didn’t professionally shoot for a year.

He reappeared in a national shooting event of 1939, where people received him well. They expressed their happiness that he had come to watch and cheer for participants. Takacs surprised everyone when he replied – “I didn’t come to watch. I came to compete.”

A right-hand amputee, Takacs used his left hand for shooting. Not many knew what happened to him during the one year gap. Most speculated that he had been practicing secretly with his left hand.

He won the gold medal in that national event and of course, the victory wasn’t a fluke. He won gold in many national events after this. But the 1940 & 1944 Olympic Games had to be canceled due to the Second World War, so he missed another chance. However, he still kept his passion alive.

Takacs appeared for the 1948 London Olympics’ qualifiers round and cracked it. He represented Hungary and bested Díaz Sáenz Valiente, the then world favorite. Valiente won silver, and Takacs won the gold medal. He also appeared in the 1952 Hilsinki Olympics and won his second gold for the country. He couldn’t win a medal in 1956 at the Melbourne Olympics and became a coach after retirement.

What do we learn from this story? All of us have dreams. Some of us want to become a computer science engineer, while some dream to become the best surgeon in town. Some want to perform in a packed auditorium; some dream of becoming astrophysicists. However, everyone has one thing common. They need to strive hard to achieve something and not give up, no matter how tempting it sounds.

Here are some suggestions that will help you sail through difficult times.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

In a quest towards achieving our dreams, we may face hurdles that hit us hard and sometimes even weaken us. But we have to make sure they don’t break us, at least not in mind. Because if you lose courage, you can’t win. No battles are ever won in one’s comfort zone unless there is someone else fighting for you. If you face problems, you should go beyond the boundaries of your limitations. With each passing day, challenge yourself to break free from your cushioned world.

However, there are times when you reach the bottom of an ocean and are subjected to tremendous pressure. You can’t even scream for help because you fear that you will be labeled inferior based on the social yardsticks. At this point, you should look within to get motivated.

Find Inspiration

You can find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. It can be a spider who makes his web near the door. His cobweb is destroyed many times in a day, but that little thing never gives up. You could get some hope from movies both fictional and biopics. Find it in quotes. Find it in a bowler who took a wicket right after the batsman hit a six. Just keep looking, and you’ll find it.

Don’t Reveal Your Role Model

Everyone has a role model. Well, the world doesn’t need to know about it. Keep your dreams and role model to yourself. Whenever you are struggling with any problem, think of how your idol would have handled it. You will find a solution to your problems. I bet!

Simulate Happiness

Whenever you are in a bad situation, try to stay positive and believe that only the best will happen. Take decisions based on the outcome you want, not as per the opinions of people. No matter how exhausted you are, show up and act upon your goals. Sooner or later, happiness will become a habit and help you get great results.

Find a Start

Have you just tried reading rotational dynamics for an entire week, but still didn’t understand it? You are so wary of it that you don’t even want to attempt it anymore? Then don’t for now. Switch to something you are confident about. Maybe, even change the subject. Spend some time in rebuilding your confidence. But you need to return. Return to rotational dynamics. You might be afraid of failure. But who isn’t? All it takes is a start.

Take Help

Sometimes, you’ve tried so much that you can’t look at the problem from a different perspective. You should ask for help from someone. It’s okay and doesn’t make you sound weak. Get your doubts cleared so that they don’t haunt you.

Offer Help

It might sound a bit strange, but offering help to someone can be a good way to restore your confidence. You can feel good about yourself and share your experiences or knowledge of the subject. It could also help you get a different perspective on your thought process.

Remain Patient

You have to be patient. You can’t expect things to fall right into place without working hard. If you are unable to solve a problem for a long time, don’t freak out. You just have to try one more time.

Protect Your Dreams

Your dreams should hold the highest value in life. No matter how badly you perform, never question your potential. Hide your fears from people who want to see you fall and who think your dream is not worth the pain.

As someone rightly said—Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time. 

Here are some more tips to get yourself out of the anxiety and depression in testing times.

Take care 🙂

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