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When I started my JEE preparation, my teacher once asked me a question, “What do you think about JEE? Is it a difficult exam or a different exam?” This question made me think, but still, I couldn’t arrive at the correct answer for it. I had to conclude that JEE is both difficult and different. And this is precisely why it has so much influence upon the present education scenario. While the exam itself is difficult from the point of view of questions, let us also see why it is different and why you should be getting help for JEE from all the available resources.

Why It’s Crucial to Get Help for JEE

No other exam at the undergraduate level puts so much on the line as the JEE Advanced. It determines the students’ subsequent career paths, which is really a big deal. This exam also puts pressure on the students because of its unbelievably low success rate. It is no surprise why many students view cracking this exam as a coveted feat. And how can the student get through this very thought? It surely can make anyone’s life difficult if they start thinking in this way.

This is where our topic of discussion comes into the picture. We need an effective solution for coping up with the ever increasing stress levels in students and thus help them to get through the exam without much overthinking.

Getting Help for JEE from Friends

It is always a wise decision to keep your friends close together. Not only will they be your backbone during your preparatory times, but they will also help you to get through the harsh times like when you are unable to crack a very difficult question, or when you need to find the mistakes you’ve made in your last mock exam. However; remember always to discuss your exams with your friends only when there isn’t any another exam scheduled on the very same day. For example, the discussions held right after the Paper 1 exam have the potential to adversely affect your confidence levels for your next exam. And if you’ve felt that the paper is difficult, others might also feel the same way.

Getting Help for JEE from Parents

No matter how hard the preparation stage is for you, always turn to your parents for getting genuine help. They know the real you, and who else to turn to than the people who have seen you grow throughout all these years? They understand how you feel and will always offer you the right advice in the right situations. Just let them know about all your worries and problems. Telling people about your problems is a great way to reduce the pain from the problem itself. And during harsh times like the JEE exam preparation days, it is best to constantly let your parents know what you’re going through.

Getting Help for JEE from Teachers

After your friends and parents, next, come your professors and teachers. They have seen many students go through the phase you’re in, and they themselves might have been through your situation many times. And hence, they will probably offer the best advice and solutions for your problems or worries to you. Always make it a point to ask them about your doubts or queries immediately without procrastination. Never shy away from asking your doubts or queries to your teachers. If you delay asking a doubt, chances are that you will forget it gradually and the same doubt can then haunt you in the form of a question during the last minutes of your exam preparation. Such last minute hurdles are very difficult to overcome, and it is best to avoid such a scenario altogether by taking the right action at the right time.

Getting Help for JEE from Seniors

People have always said that procrastination is a bad thing, particularly when you’re preparing for such a difficult exam like JEE. I concur with it completely. However, it is also good to know about the life after cracking the JEE, the perks and freedom you will get in the colleges like IITs/NITs, the kind of concessions a student enjoys there, etc. This will prove to be a very good motivator during the times when you’re down. For knowing the details about the same, ask your seniors who have already cracked the exam for guidelines and advice. They will gladly help you and will probably love to give you an insight into how life transforms after cracking the JEE.

Getting Help for JEE from the Right Books

Finally, it all comes down to the books. Buying a lot of books and not using them properly is not a good practice. Only buy those books, which you will definitely use or the ones that are interesting. The reference material should be very clear for the student. Also, never hesitate to revisit a concept when you feel like it. Sometimes, the concepts that you read twice remain in your memory comparatively for a longer time, than the ones that you’ve only read once. Try to solve increasingly difficult problems as time progresses. At the same time, don’t lose hope if you are not able to solve a problem.

The crux of this post is this: getting help from all the possible sources during your JEE preparation will significantly ease your life. Your parents, teachers, friends, seniors, books will help you more than anything or anyone else. Always remember to ask for help if you need it without hesitation. It will definitely prove to be immensely beneficial; if not today, then perhaps on some other day when you need it the most.

Toppr wishes you all the very best for the JEE.

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