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Let’s not even talk about the hype regarding getting in a premiere institution – say, getting in IIT! We all know that students, well supported by their parents, spend multiple years preparing for the JEE. And after this herculean effort with a unidirectional focus of cracking the JEE, for many, getting in IIT, or another of the top-notch colleges becomes the ultimate goal, an end in itself.

While preparing for JEE, most students have a busy daily schedule and are used to waking up at 6:00 am in the morning, going to college and attending coaching classes. These days are generally busier than any usual day in IIT.

But of course, this phase doesn’t last forever and is not an end – it is actually the beginning – the beginning of a four-year period of potentially tremendous growth and a solid education at the IITs. Wouldn’t it be interesting to take a quick look at how the life of a student looks like before and after getting in IIT? This article aims to do just that. Read on!

Life Before Entering the IITs (During the JEE Preparation Phase)


There’s a sense of dedication, rigour and a fierce determination to crack the JEE. But these kids do not entirely cut themselves off from what’s happening around them. Many of them also participate in life and nurture their interests. Here’s how the life of students is before getting into IITs.

Bidding Adieu to Social Media

This is the extent of pain students have to go through. During the rigorous preparation phase, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram can ruin your focus. JEE requires an undistracted mind, but whenever students feel bored of studies, they sneak out to play some sport or catch up with friends. Read about effects of social media on education here.

Making Notes Religiously

It’s a rat race, and there’s no way one can take a chance. Formulae applications are the most important type of questions in Physics and Mathematics in JEE. Taking notes during the first time reading of the topics help revise at the end. So, whether it’s coaching class or college lectures, students are busy making their personal notes for each subject.

Studying Concepts, Solving Problems, Cross-Checking Solutions

No matter how many coaching classes students join or how many study materials/books they buy, they have to spend time studying these materials and lecture notes. Self-study is one of the most important aspects of JEE preparation. The more time one devotes towards clearing concepts in 3 topics (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) – the better are chances of getting a top rank in the JEE.

Following a Strict Schedule

before getting into the IITs, students are busy planning each day in advance to make their dream come true. So, most of them set a schedule in their brain about the to-do tasks and stick to time management. This is a crucial time to mark priorities and jot down the work they cannot skip—lunch, classes and seminars.

Life After Getting in IIT


Not all youngsters would be able to strum the guitar, kick the ball around at a neighbourhood soccer match, watch Dabangg five times over and yet come out tops at an IIT entrance examination. Whichever way you look at it, youngsters who make it to the IITs are stars. That’s because they get to cross the hurdle only after having put in an honest effort. The super brains are no exception. Here’s how their life looks like in the IIT campus.

Life is Very Fast

Students learn much more in a semester of four months than what they learned in two years of JEE preparation.

The Dreaded Deadlines

In IIT, life is defined by deadlines. Projects, assignments, presentation students become habitual of these three words. Initially, these deadlines look troublesome, but at the end of the semesters, they start missing that pressure and craziness of last-minute preparations.

Best Place to Explore Your Hobbies

IIT gives you great exposure to various extracurricular activities and an opportunity to explore the unknown. With lots of activities within the campus, sometimes, students keep playing their favourite sport way past midnight. Read about why you shouldn’t forget your hobbies while preparing for competitive exams here.



Night life in IITs is really mind-blowing. Club activities, people enjoying cricket/ football, TT rooms, music rooms, birthday bumps, frustrated CSE guys crying “CSE rocks” after their assignments; discussions till late night on politics, India, economics, astronomy, sometimes gossiping about girls.

Khadoos Professors

The one thing students love and hate at the same time is the khadoos IIT professors. Whether the professors set very tough papers and try to make students feel that scoring 30 marks can also be a nightmare or give out pastries on the occasion of birthdays, students don’t seem to run out of reasons to discuss their favourite or most-hated teachers.

Hostel Life

When you stay at an IIT, you cannot possibly escape the bittersweet fun of hostel life. That’s the place where you’ll enjoy life. It’s the time for night conversations, rooftop study times, bathroom singing sessions, hilarious ragging times and much more. Read our article Benefits of Staying in a Hostel in College to get a real picture.

Getting in IIT is a dream for lakhs of students. Their varied cultural heritage and diverse backgrounds ensure that there are people of all categories here. Lastly, I would like to say that I feel proud to be a part of such an institute that promotes a strong curriculum with a keen interest in participation beyond books. Being an IITian is certainly a privilege and I am glad I got that opportunity.


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