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I was a very average student in school. Those school stereotypes that people assume aren’t always true. Sometimes you just get by with a few close friends and lots of laughs. Even if you are popular, a nerd, a sports fanatic or just a face in the crowd, there are some memories that make our school life worth while.

1. When the teacher asks you a question in class you’re like


2. When she catches you eating your tiffin during a lecture


3. When you’re day dreaming and you have no idea what’s going on in class


4. When you find out your teacher is absent and you have a free period


5. When the teacher is dictating notes and you couldn’t keep up with her speed


6. When you have to go up to the class nerd to get those notes, you never wrote down.


7. And the class nerd couldn’t care less


8. When you’re running away from homework, but you can never get too far.

9. When you get something awesome in your tiffin but all your friends finish it off, before you’ve even taken a bite.


10. When the classroom is full of drama, because let’s face it we’re all just brimming with puberty.


11. When you get a holiday in the middle of the week for Ganesh Chaturthi!

School is the best time of your life, let’s make it count!

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