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Not all students who appear in the JEE crack the exam at one go and even if they do, they get a very low rank. Getting a low rank means you do not get admission in a good college and you also do not get a subject you wanted to pursue in your favorite engineering college.

There are many engineering colleges in India and most of these are privately owned. You need to secure a good rank in JEE or the state-run engineering entrances in order to get admission into the government-run colleges and the private ones as well.

If you have not given a satisfactory engineering entrance this time, then you possibly are wondering as whether you should get admitted in any college with any subject or reappear in JEE Advanced 2018 and wait for something better.

Here are few things that you need to consider that would help you in taking the right decision:

Cracked JEE Advanced but with a Low Rank

Many students crack JEE Advanced in their very first attempt but get a low rank and do not go for the counselling sessions. They do not probably understand the risk they are taking by refusing the seats offered to them. Typically, most students think that by sitting idle for one year would give them a lot of time to study and they would be able to secure a better rank in the next year and get admission in a better college or even one of the IITs.

If you are planning for the same thing, you should know what risks you would face by doing so.

  • You might get bored, frustrated and depressed by seeing your friends all admitted in colleges
  • You might just have a bad day and end up giving a worse exam and securing not even your present rank
  • There will be a lot of pressure on you as this would be your last chance to crack JEE.

What is achievable with the second attempt?

The two most demanded engineering branches are definitely electronics and communication and computer science engineering in all the engineering colleges. If you get admission with any of the above mentioned branches in one of the NITs, then you stand a better chance of being more successful than mechanical, metallurgy and mining and chemical engineering students from IITs and better ranked NITs.

It is important that you go for the best branches in terms of the college you take your admission in so that you can become successful and achieve your career goals.

There is something that many people do not know and in case you have got admission in IIT but not with the best branch, you do not have to lose a year for that. If you have good grades in the first year, you can change departments in your second year at any of the IITs.

Do not start worrying about the pay packages from the very first day. The best pay package is offered by the IT and Tech companies and they mostly hire computer science engineering students. After these come, finance, investment and consulting companies who hire students with excellent analytical skills and not from any particular branch of engineering.

Failed JEE Advanced but got good rank in JEE Main

If you get a good JEE rank, then you stand a good chance of getting admission in the NITs and all the other good colleges. You can also apply for BITS Pilani and BITSAT. Having a seat reserved for you is always safer and a better choice.

Finally, if you failed to crack JEE and secured a poor rank and if you really want to be an engineer, then definitely give it a second try.

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