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The Game of Thrones fever is catching on with the release of yet another exciting season. Waiting for GOT’s new season is like waiting to play with a new gadget you’ve just bought from the store. You know nothing about it, you want to explore it, you want to live it and you know you’re going to love it. As the theme song started, I looked at the map with renewed interest. New places keep sprouting up and some of it is all because of Daenerys. In the first episode could imagine such a feat? I couldn’t but each of these characters has had a new beginning, like a rebirth of personality and they’ve done some great things with their new start.


In the 1st season she’s literally handed over unwillingly. She’s alone, separated from her family, unable to get out of the forced marriage. Over the seasons we see her come into her own. She rises from the ashes of her husband’s grave and makes it her mission to claim what’s hers. From a little teenage girl, she grows into a woman who’s abolishing slavery and encouraging democracy. She isn’t Daenerys anymore, she’s Khaleesi.



A teenage girl with a silly crush on a king, goes on to live through one of the worst trials on Game of Thrones. She sees her father beheaded infront of her eyes by her husband. She’s separated from her family, all alone with people she doesn’t trust. She got tricked into the worst scenarios, including living with a crazy person. She manages to make her way out of all these dicey situation and becomes the Queen of the North, returning home with a purpose.



The start of the first season, Arya is a 9 year old, eager to learn sword fighting. A reflection of her mother, this spirited young lady had to grow up too soon. She too saw her father beheaded, she ran in an attempt to save her life. Despite losing most of her family, she never gave up hope. Instead this young girl set out to seek vengeance for her mother and brother. Her childhood hobby became her teenage passion, she used her sword with as much precision as a young girl uses a comb. Today she’s a part of the Faceless Men society, on her way to redemption.



He was introduced as a notorious, good for nothing Lannister. His father hated him with gusto, while his sibblings belittled him. He drank his sorrow and pain, to the point where he was addicted. But he found his ticket out of depression when he met Shae. However, his dad didn’t hesitate to take that away. He shot his father, who had imprisoned him and left that life behind. He joined hands with Khaleesi, because for once he believed in someone and she believed in him. So much so that, she named him Hand of the Queen. Now he’s set sail to King’s Landing with a mission of his own.


Jon Snow

He was a lost child, with nothing and no one to call his blood. He knew he had to dedicate his life somewhere he was needed, so he made his way to the Wall. He made it his mission to protect, gave up other worldly pleasures and became a crow. When he ventured and saw what was waiting for mankind, he couldn’t believe it. As we all remember he almost died. However, when he came back to life in a Mihir Virani fashion, our joy knew no bounds. We knew it was for a reason. He went about and claimed his childhood home, saved his cousin, Sansa and now he’s making his way to the South. He’s idea is to protect the people of Westeros from something they haven’t even seen coming whitewalkers. From knowing nothing, he comes a long way to knowing a lot more than the others.

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