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The Grad School Bucketlist:

“School life ended?? Aahh!! So relieved. Nothing to worry about, no rules to be followed, no uniform to wear, no restrictions and nothing to study.”

Excited for your new life? Well, you must be. This is the time when you’re going be independent, ruling you own life and thus living it. But guys, remember with all the fun and independence, comes all the maturity and responsibility. College life being the most carefree phase of your life, must be the most sorted phase of your life. Grad school is a place where you have to take a stand for your own self and take decisions for your life. You need to be serious about your career before it gets too late. College is a place where you can learn and only learn. Understanding what your interest lies in and then being the best at it, is the first step towards a successful career.

Stressed?? Don’t worry. We have a bucket full of things you need to do to make your college life worth being proud of.

  1. E-mail address is actually something official.
    As a youngster, one always thinks of e-mail id as the first step for creating your facebook account. But now, you need to realize that your e-mail address is actually something much more worthy. E-mails will now be your primary mode of contact with the college officials, professors or even the company professionals, and will also serve as an inlet for various technical journals. Thus you have to ensure that you already have an official email id before anyone laughs at the one you previously had.
  2. Grow as much as you can.
    Gone are the days when you could remain content while knowing just the names of your classmates. Grad school is the right place for improving your communication and networking skills. Get acquainted with as many people as possible, especially your seniors and professors. If required, step out of your comfort zone and learn as much as you can. Gather all the positivity from as many people around you and keep it safely in your piggy bank.
  3. Keep yourself up-to-date.
    Subscribe lots of magazines and newspapers, and gain tones of information about all the fields you are interested in. When you enter into a place with huge crowd, and you wish to interact and meet new people, you must have a lot to share. If people like talking to you, you like talking to them. Gain information about almost every area and share it with all the new people you meet.
  4. Understand your love.
    Being in college is a time when you are all free to nourish yourself. Understand what you love, be clear in your priorities and be excellent at the things you are now good at. Rather than binging on the TV shows, spend your time effectively on that piece of art which you didn’t complete, or on that interesting circuit which you always wanted to design. Explore and find out your hobbies and skills, and spend time learning and enjoying through them.
  5. Read, Read and Read.
    Reading develops us from every nook and corner. A good reader proves out to be a good writer, a good speaker and a good listener. Make reading one of the basic necessities of your life. Make books your best friends. Fall in love with books and they are never going to betray you for the rest of your life. Books open up completely new vistas and provide you with an enchanting vision about the wonders and marvels of human knowledge. Delve deep into the world of books and experience the beauty of the world.
  6. Travel.
    The best experiences of your lives come from travelling. Travel gives happiness, courage, the power to understand and adjust. Your travel experiences might prove out to be the best teachers. Which other phase of your life could be better suitable to pack-up your backpacks and put your best foot forward. Explore the places you haven’t been to, cement some mesmerizing memories in your brain and make new friends.
  7. Get serious.
    Grad school is one of those phases of your life where you won’t be questioned by your parents, you won’t be guided by your teachers and would neither be scolded by your elders. This is one such phase where you need to realize that it is you who is going to write his own destiny. What your future has in store for you, would be the result of how well you take care of your present. All the things that you learn today, will move along with you in all the years ahead of you. It is time to act maturely and to decide what is good for you and what isn’t. Wake up, have fun and be serious with your life.

Life at colleges is a bag of laughter. Grad school is a brilliant platform for you to define and further redefine yourself and discover what constitutes the real you! And with a bucket list like this, you could comfortably enjoy and forever cherish the complete package of experiences that will come along with such a life. Remember guys, this is the most happy phase you are in, enjoy the most of it cause I bet you are going to die to get it back from your past, once it ends. Hence, make use of this time wisely.

Have fun!!

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