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A Nuclear Experimental Physicist, H C Verma, author of Concepts of Physics (Vol 1 &2) has several other books to his credit like Foundation Science Physics (Class 9), Industrial Families in India and Dominion Status Vs Complete Independence. He works as a lecturer at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, the same place where he got his doctoral degree from. Materials Applications, Earth Science topics like meteorites and extinction boundaries, Condensed Matter are some of his favourite study areas. Presently, he is writing a book on Electromechanics.

‘Concepts Of Physics’ by H C Verma is a comprehensive book for higher secondary students, especially those preparing for JEE. The book efficiently caters to the needs of students with its numerous solved and unsolved numerical problems. The book has been around for roughly two decades and still remains the choicest of all books that engineering aspirants look up to. The following reasons can elaborate as to why H C Verma is the most read and recommended book when it comes to JEE preparations:

  • Clarity: True to its name, the book explains each concept lucidly beginning with its core and then gradually moving up to formulae and equations with the help of instances from real world. The consistency and simplicity in language leaves no scope for confusion at all. The topics are explained gradually going from basic level to further higher level.
  • Examples: The author has included some extraordinary examples in the text that explains the concepts quite precisely. Solved examples are exceptionally helpful in understanding a concept and the same can be extrapolated to solve similar numericals. JEE aspirants recommend the book especially for its numerical part.
  • MCQs: Another highlight of the book is its brilliant MCQs. Successfully attempting these will check your fundamental knowledge before you start solving the numerical problems. MCQs on Rotational Dynamics and Friction are enough to tell you the worth of this book. H C Verma is one of the most prescribed text books for JEE aspirants. The questions are strategically well arranged. The level of toughness is slowly increased. This makes solving the problems very interesting. It is a hobby for many people to solve problems in this book. The main reason is one really enjoys solving this book. Questions are designed in a very creative manner. All real world examples are quoted in depicting concepts which is the way we need to learn Physics. It takes me into the world of physics and dealing with problems.
  • Numerical: The questions are arranged in an increasing order of difficulty that keeps up the interest level while solving them. The creative numerical engages applications of the concepts so that you get a real world experience of dealing with such a situation. The short answer questions are equally important. The objective questions and exercises address each and every concept. The questions are made in such an interesting way they actually trigger your thinking process and make you think out of the box.
  • Understanding: The basics are effortlessly explained in H C Verma. The theory is short and crisp making it clear to understand. MCQs are best. keeps concepts simple. problems stated are in sync with iit jee problems. and the concepts are taught in laymen terms. its a good book for a beginner.

Moreover H C Verma is abundantly helpful in learning the concepts before you get down to attempt test series from your coaching institute. The solutions to the numerical in the book are also available by the same author as a separate book but it is always better to initially try them on your own.

An IIT Roorkee alumnus from the team mentioned, “HC Verma has two parts: Mechanics Mechanics Optics and Electricity Magnetism. You can find all levels of questions and H C Verma covers all concepts. It’s the first book that a student goes to after class. H C Verma is the most popular JEE book and almost every JEE aspirant refers to it. It is popularly agreed as end all be all. You will be missing out on a lot if you miss out on this one. There is hardly anyone who clears JEE and doesn’t credit a great part of his physics preparation to this book. The objective type questions are great for concept building. Professors use the H C Verma books for discussions in class. Each subjective question of higher difficulty has a unique concept involved; and all questions exhaustively cover nearly all concepts.”

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