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In the age of quoting Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, people are getting the wrong idea that all you need is a brilliant idea and some luck to be a success. What people don’t talk about is that even Zuckerberg worked his behind off when he started Facebook. He has superior mental faculties, yes, but even geniuses need to work to achieve their goals. Read any book about any genius, you will come across instances of grueling hard work.

Hard Work Beats Talent

There is no sure shot ticket to success. There is no secret mantra. There is only a path, and to follow the path, you should be ready to work hard. Talent helps you, but hard work is what actually is what helps you succeed. Do you think rock star guitarists didn’t practice chords day and night? Ask any musician and they will tell you the importance of practice and hard work. Singers need to rehearse daily and so do choreographers. Anybody who is somebody tells you how much work they have put into it.

Authors will tell you about their discipline, about how they maintain a writing hour and how they seclude themselves to focus on their writing. Sports person will tell you about hours and hours of continuous hard practice. Even Sachin Tendulkar got where he is by working hard. There is just no substitute to hard work. Unless you change the definition of success.

Take any scientific discovery and research its process of discovery. You will find thousands of trials and more than enough error. Any scientific discovery worth its while has taken years’ worth of research, determination, discipline and plain hard work. Penicillin wasn’t thought of in a day, and vaccinations weren’t caught out of thin air. Any lifesaving drug was the result of years of hard work by intelligent scientists.

If you want to do well in life, in studies or any other field of life, you need to know one essential mantra; work hard and the result will follow. There is absolutely no replacement for somebody who puts everything he’s got into something he desires. Leaders are born out of perseverance. And at the end of it all, along with hard work, you also need passion for what you are engaged in. Passion is as important as hard work. Don’t do something others expect of you. Do something you love. When you mix passion and hard work, you get success every time.

Keep practicing questions for JEE, keep going through course material again and again. Don’t rest. Fight hard and things will happen.

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