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Concepts of Physics” part 1 & 2 are an integral part of any IIT aspirant’s prep books. They are considered to be the Holy Grail of prep books for JEE-Advanced exam by many.  They are highly preferred for the content it offers. The books written by the namesake professor from IIT Kanpur explain the concepts of physics chapter-wise. Problems are also given at the end of each chapter for students to try out the concepts. The quality of the problems is akin to the questions asked in JEE-Advanced exam. This makes the book a must have for all IIT aspirants. Thus there arises a question of whether a HC Verma solutions book is required for it or not.

Does a HC Verma solution manual exist?

Officially there is no solution manual by the author himself. But several coaching institutes and internet enthusiasts have released their own copies of the HC Verma solutions manual. Some of these copies have detailed solutions and some have partial solutions. Most of these solutions much to the delight of the students are available for download free of charge. These manuals are extensively used by students across the country.

Is the solutions manual required?

Concepts of Physics books have some amazing problems for aspirants to solve. So it is important for students to solve the problems correctly and understand the concept behind them. Here comes the question whether solutions are required. Generally speaking most of the IIT prep books come with solutions. So students have long anticipated for solutions for the HC Verma Book. But there are both benefits as well as pitfalls in having a solutions manual.


A solutions manual is your guide in the problem solving process. For students who have just begun to solve advanced problems in physics, the solutions manual provides means of verification. The solutions guide students who are stuck over tough problems. They might also discover new methods of solving the problem while comparing their method with the method in the solutions manual. The new method discovered might be more efficient compared to the one the student uses. This is very beneficial while solving problems in topics like mechanics, optics, heat transfer and electrostatics.


The main drawback of the solutions manual is there is no standardised copy as such. Thus the solutions vary from one solution manual to another. The students who follow such varied solutions to a single problem may get confused and end up learning a wrong technique. Sometimes the presence of a solution may make the student too lazy to solve a problem. He/she may be tempted to look at the solution beforehand and not put efforts to solve the problem.

In conclusion I would like to say that it is not necessary to have a HC Verma solutions manual but there is no harm in keeping one. The best way to solve the problems is to solve them individually first if you don’t get the the answer then try asking in your study circles and still you fail to answer it then refer to the solutions manual. This ensures that you get enough practice solving a problem before comparing your solution with other solutions to the same problem.

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