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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Well, I couldn’t agree more. Wouldn’t it be boring just to study and lead a dull life while at IIT? Yes, of course! It’s not fun at all to become a mere self-confessed tech addict with a narrow box set of hobbies and interests. It is a vast world out there and it is good to have varied interests. We tell you about some interesting hobbies of IITians that help shape their personalities. 

Common Hobbies of IITians:

So, it’s time to amp up your game and make the most of the four years of graduation. Picking up a hobby or two will rejuvenate your mental palate, in turn helping you focus on academics. Hobbies could include anything that fascinates you—reciting poetry, singing, dancing, painting or indoor and outdoor games.

It is also important to know that mentioning hobbies in your CV or cover letter can land you a job. No one wants to hire a person who doesn’t pursue some hobbies. Today, the job market has become extremely competitive, which makes it difficult to crack interviews. Your hobbies could give the company an insight into your personality and essential skills. And that is the reason 75% of IITians prefer chasing hobbies over academics. For instance, if you are the captain of the cricket team in your college, it speaks volumes about your leadership skills and go-getter attitude.

IIT is a hub of resources and opportunities, so you have to choose your magic beans that can help you relax, enjoy and give impetus to your career. Here is a list of interesting hobbies you can develop in IITs

Learn a foreign language:

Language is a great way to eliminate the communication gap and dissolve the cultural barriers. By learning a foreign language, you will be able to show prospective employees that you enjoy learning new things. It certainly creates a positive impression and makes the recruiter feel that you will be able to fit into a multicultural setting.

Maintain a blog:

If you enjoy writing, there is no better hobby than creating a blog. Plus, it reflects well on you, letting the interviewer gauge your grasp of the language and intelligence. It helps the employer see what drives and motivates you. Blogs are always a great way of channelizing your creativity.

Play team sports:

A team sport is fun; it keeps you active and healthy. Also, a prospective employer will see you as a team player, who can interact with people with different personality types.

Start a society:

This is a wonderful way to show some initiative and your ability to manage a large group of people. It helps individuals develop their personal and team skills. Whether it’s setting a schedule for fun things, creating a dress code for certain days or having monthly get-togethers, it lets you have fun and grow as a person.


You will be learning certain key skills, such as managing and handling people from different backgrounds by volunteering for various events in your college. Employers will appreciate the fact that you volunteer and manage your time well to take up an unpaid position.

Hobbies keep your mind occupied and have a calming effect. They help you break free from a stressful life and lower inhibitions. These hobbies of IITians also help them get a better perspective about the world. Basically, developing hobbies is just as essential part of your personality as getting discipline.

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