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The JEE 2018 will be conducted and while many of you will be appearing in the JEE for the first time in 2018, some of those who have appeared in the exam this year will also face the exam next year as well for the second time. Although the date of the examination is still a year away from now, but your preparation process might have crossed the halfway mark by now. There is always an ambiguity in this preparation process as to how early you should complete your syllabus and preparation so as to get a good rank. Let us spill the beans for letting you know how well you’re doing your JEE 2018 preparations currently. Read on!

Facing the Right Test-Series

Ideally, you should be done with most of your chapters and syllabus by the end of this year so that you have ample amount of time left for doing the revisions and test series. It is very important to put yourself through a strenuous test series to judge your preparation and identify the loopholes in your concepts on a regular basis. However, since its currently the month of August, you should ideally be halfway through the Class 12 syllabus.

Regularly Revise the Concepts from Class 11th

As you proceed ahead with the 12th standard syllabus, keep in touch with the important chapters from the 11th standard by revising the formulas and concepts from the latter regularly. You should be thorough with the chapters such as Rotational Motion, Equilibrium and Kinetics, SHM and Wave, Complex Numbers, Solutions of Triangles, Trigonometry and Solid State. Having said that, you need not be thorough with all the complex level problems of these chapters, but all you need to do is have the concepts at your fingertips.

Cover the Loose Ends in the Syllabus

As you approach the end of September, try and complete the syllabus as much as you can. This will provide you with sufficient time to start a wholesome revision schedule with a thorough coverage of the entire syllabus. This is also important because many insignificant chapters are often sometimes left behind as loose ends during the first round of preparation. And these chapters can help you score the extra marks you would require to increase your rank.

Toppr’s Test Series

Start solving Toppr Test Series for the JEE, especially for the Class 11th syllabus. It is high time that you start testing your preparation, however slow it may be. Take at least 2 tests every weekend and analyse your performance. This will help to keep a check on your performance and your preparation.

Lastly, refer to our article over here which provides a preparation plan for JEE 2018. As you approach the end of September, you should follow the articles month-by-month and ace your preparation. This will cover all your remaining topics and will also leave you sufficient time for the preparation of your board exams.

All the very best then!

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