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Every day, a student is challenged with distractions that consequently hamper the overall productivity expected of his bright and capable mind. These controllable variables pose as hindrances in the path of student’s ultimate goal to succeed. Let us dwell on some solutions and learn how a student can increase his productivity during day to day activities.

Systematize: From a tender age, we are taught the importance of organizing our work schedule so it becomes easier to manage studies with pleasure. It is not uncommon to notice that most grownups tend to overlook the power of being organised. The students should reminisce about designing a ‘to-do plan’ that will help them to follow up their study and practice time. If the day includes lot of activities then prioritizing them would be a just way to start. Keeping an organised and clutter free study space will definitely add to their productivity as precious time is not wasted on fetching an important study material. The students look forward to devoting greater concentration when their minds are invigorated so they can include time to enjoy their hobbies in the schedule.

Keep up the challenge quotient: Engaging themselves in exigent courses can surely motivate students to work hard for their ambitions. The students can assign some short and enduring objectives for so they keep on striving diligently towards accomplishing them. However the goals must be quantifiable and achievable so the student is not left frustrated while pursuing them. The participation of teachers and parents in assessing and setting goals can prove valuable in improving the productivity of the student. The overall purpose of this technique is to scale up their enthusiasm and keep them going.

Revision and practice: The assignments provided by schools or institutes are designed to keep the students engaged in learning process. This homework helps them to understand concepts better which is solely attained by rigorous practice and revision of the concepts. A student entering his class with completed homework is definitely more confident in his demeanour and receives positive feedback from his teachers. This is again vital for keeping his interest in the day to activities and instils confidence of taking charge of a situation independently. Revision and practice through homework helps a student to perform better during evaluations.

Relaxing and de-stressing: Sleeping is an excellent way to vent out pent up stress and lethargy. Even adolescents need to set aside at least seven to eight hours for sleep to rejuvenate their minds and body. Depriving themselves of much needed rest will mitigate the number of productive hours. A student who has slept adequately will be more attentive in the class and can fetch better scores. Even if they remain involved in athletic or recreational activities, sleep is a necessity that a body should never be denied. Ensuring sufficient relaxation is another way to increase productivity during the day. Meditation also works for de-stressing.

Wary of distractions: Technology has made us capable of entertaining our whims and fancies but it should for no reason mar your productivity. Gadgets like Smartphone or Tabs have found way into our lives but indulging in them beyond a limit certainly can divert students from accessing their goals. Incorporation of technology is imperative but not at the cost of valuable time. The students must bear in mind that these gadgets must be used in moderation. Now-a- days innovative technology based teaching methods have helped teachers to create a blossoming environment for the young minds to learn and envisage newer things. So instead of straying away from your target utilize technology to boost your productivity.

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