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 What are Stem Cells?

Our body is a brilliant work by God. Our body comprises of different kinds of specialized cells like nerve cells, skin cells, muscle cells, fat cells and many other specific cells set that play an integral and definite role. All of these particular cells originate from stem cells. Not having a specialized role to play, the incredible process of specialization can be explained as differentiation. On electing the differentiation pathway of a stem cell, the option of becoming another type of cell rules out.

The stem cells are versatile and have the potential to become different type of cells are categorized as pluripotent. Whereas the stem cells that can become only certain kinds of cells are known as multipotent.

How do they work?

There are many types of diseases in the world that disables an individual’s potential to lead a normal life and in some cases claims a person’s life. Deadly diseases like diabetes, thyroid, cancer and heart diseases enter a person’s life to sow down their perfect immune system. Stem cells being the building blocks of life have the capability to regenerate into specified stem cells or into additional stem cells. This basic property of stem cells make them invaluable for medical treatments and a savior for poorly diseased people.

When these amazing cells are implanted into the diseased body of the patients, they incredibly repairs or replaces the diseased or the damaged cells. This miracle attribute of stem cells in many ways saves a person’s life and gives him/her a second chance.

In case of pregnancy, when the mother is facing nutritional issues, the baby through the umbilical cord functions as a lifeline for the mother. The baby, through the cord pumps the deoxygenated blood and the nutrient depleted blood back to the placenta with the assistance of umbilical arteries. The cord tissues which surrounds the umbilical arteries and the veins deeds like a cushion which further prevents compression and twisting. This application ensures the cord blood flow to remain constant and steady.

There are several kinds of stem cells like adult, embryonic and many more other kinds. They divide themselves to form more daughter cells. They carry the appropriate potential to become to become a grown tissue which can be used in transplantation and also in regenerative medicines.

In fact, the human body is a marvel to behold! Read more about it here.

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