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The history of war dates back to the days of early human civilization. Today the arms and ammunition of warfare’s has come a long way from mere use of the spear, bow and arrows to high tech war equipment’s. Advances in technology have led to inventions and usage of nuclear weapons, space weapons, stealth air crafts, missiles, laser-guided weapons, submarines, drones etc.

Weapons have over the years evolved and so has the method of using them. In the earlier days a bow and arrow was a common weapon used against to sneak up on the enemy and shoot an arrow in him or throw a spear at him. Soon, armor and shields reduced the effectiveness of bows and arrows which encouraged people to build new warfare equipment’s.

Till the nineteen hundreds, soldiers fought in troops where they would do the most damage to the enemy. Later on as guns became a common weapon the troops were equipped with them and deployed in several ranks. A bullet fired from a gun could easily penetrate and kill the enemy. But initially guns like these were pretty inaccurate. Over the period of times the guns improved with time and weapons became more accurate.

Soon, Machine guns, grenades and cannon were popular among the troops and were being used in wars. Explosive shells that killed a group became even more common and accurate, creating high level casualties. As the explosive advanced and radius of bombs increased, the military’s become more vulnerable to it. Artillery, naval gun fire, attack helicopters and fighter craft were the next advanced warfare technologies that were used in killing the enemies.

Technology has always been the contributing factor to the advancement and development of war equipment’s. They played a significant role in the way  war  was fought. With ever changing technology and advancement the changes in the means of warfare are even more.

Today, technology is becoming more precise and lethal. The cruise missiles, which can strike with pinpoint precision, are now given much importance. The war fare equipment’s built today are so advanced that one cannot even imagine the way wars will be fought in the future. With the increasing number of weapons for mass destruction creating a lot of attention, it has now encouraged the need to develop smaller, faster and more evasive equipment’s to avoid any detection by the enemy.

Would not be surprised to see technology that uses satellite weapon with the images and use it to attack individuals on the planets surface. Special images can detect missile silos and transmit their location to attack units. Also developments like remote controlled aircraft could have many advantages. So, even if it is shot down one need not worry about loss of a pilot when using such technology. This can maneuver and probably fight better than an aircraft with a pilot.

By developing satellite technology for the means of war fare it will be easier to destroy air crafts and thereby increasing the accuracy available from spy satellites. As warfare move into space, many things could probably change and become more accurate for militants, but at the same time it could increase the potential risk of mass destruction as well.

Although all of it is yet theoretic and not put into practice or may be most of it not been perfectly developed, but current technological trends are heading this way. The desire to minimize the risk to friendly forces is leading towards more automation and more advanced weapons.

A lot of weapons have change the way battles are fought. As new weapons enter the battle, the battlefield continues to expand. As 21st century warfare continues to evolve, it becomes complex each day. Understanding the way technology has changed warfare and the way it is seen is critical to the wars of the future.

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