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So, are you the kind of person who cannot control the constant urge to check your Facebook timeline or Whatsapp chats even while doing some important work? Or worse, do you start daydreaming about something when in the middle of making your dreams come true (basically in the middle of studying in this case for you)? Well, you are not alone. I would say “Been there, done that”, but can be remedied.

Distractions are everywhere, ranging from the advertisements that take you on a dreamy ride on your new bike, the breaking news that breaks your concentration from important stuff to something frivolous. And the leader of all: the beeps of notifications on your smartphone, adding more clutter into your head. If you think wasting a few minutes on distractions doesn’t matter, that will be the biggest lie to yourself. Remember, minutes make up hours and hours make up days…and if you don’t focus, the distractions will take away days of your productive life.

Our distracted lives hamper our creativity, ability to focus and accomplishment of our goals. So, here we’ll be discussing a few tips to concentrate on one job at a time, remove distractions and live a more purposeful life.

Staying Away From the Digital World

Emails, Facebook, Twitter, games – there’s a LOT of social media to bombard us. And yes, the computer wasn’t enough, and we have our smartphones to stick to us all the time and give us these curiosity bouts we can’t win over. In fact, people these days experience a phenomenon called ‘ghost rings,’ which is the feeling one gets that his/her phone is ringing or vibrating even when it is as dead as a ghost. It’s high time that you make a clean cut. Switch off your phone while working on important things, or switch off all notifications. There are apps like Anti-Social that block the sites that waste your time. Avoid watching TV for long hours. Keep your desktop clean and uncluttered with only the important shortcuts that you require. Digital distractions are one of the most conniving of all, so that’s the first thing you need to refrain from.

A Healthy Routine

Make it a habit of working regularly at specific times. Accept and accentuate your personal rhythm. For example, you might like to work on creative things in the morning, repetitive work in the afternoon, memorizing in the evening. Whatever suits you, practice that. Make a to-do list right after you wake up and allot time for each job. That way, you can be in control. It will help you get rid of procrastination and make the tasks less elusive.

Manage Your Tasks

It mostly happens that when we are on a big task – say something that requires us to put in extra efforts beyond our usual working hours – we lose focus more easily. Do not worry. Like the saying goes “you eat an elephant one bite at a time”, that big task is to be divided into small tasks with consideration to complete one job at a time. Sometimes, we even get overwhelmed by a lot of small jobs to be done here and there. The best way is to club a few quick, easier assignments (like replying calls or emails, making payments, filling up a form etc.) and complete them all in one row. This will help our brain from trivial jumping from one job to another.

Create a Positive Working Environment

Make your workplace as uncluttered as possible, devoid of the fancy game posters or your dream car. Try setting up a calm environment where there is less noise, fewer people moving around. Get rid of those layers of dust and you could also keep some candles or pretty paintings on your desk. It could also be that crystal ball that brings in positivity. Make your workplace refreshing and something that you would look forward to every morning.

Develop An “I Can Do It” Attitude

‘Believing is performing’. So, you must believe in yourself and keep a track on your own self to not let the cacophony around distract you. Pretend you are being watched and assessed. Think that your deadline for the task is approaching. It is proved that our performances improve when we are being observed and evaluated. Better evaluate yourself before somebody else gets the chance to give a negative remark.

Now before you leave this page, just remember why you wanted to read this article. You certainly want to bring in a positive change. To quote Einstein “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So, if you think your usual, default routine needs change, act now. All you need is a little patience.

Along with focus, you also need to ensure that you cultivate specific life habits for success in the examination.

We wish you all the best!

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