What is Timetable?

First of all, a timetable is a kind of schedule that shows when specific events will happen. It is a plan which shows at what times certain activities will happen. Therefore, a timetable is very useful in planning ahead. Timetable tells the order in which events will take place.
A school timetable is for managing school-related activities. It is useful for students, teachers, rooms, and other resources. A school timetable usually cycles every week or every fortnight.

how to make a school timetable

Importance of Timetable

A school timetable is certainly a useful tool. Its importance is due to the following reasons:

Curriculum Organization

A school timetable has defined period lengths. It also has specific subjects for each period. Hence, it allows administrators to distribute enough resources to most curriculum parts. The organization of a good timetable is such that important subjects are at the best times.

Student Organization

A timetable informs students about the time of class periods. Furthermore, it also lets them know the duration of each class period. Without a school timetable, the students will not be able to prepare properly.

Reducing Confusion

A good school timetable reduces confusion for teachers. A school timetable allows teachers to properly make their routines. Hence, teachers feel comfortable. Another benefit is that teachers can also remove mistakes.

Critical Routines

Above all, the most important reason is developing a routine. This routine is for all students and staff. Teachers must develop routines for students. Administrators must describe when and where students go for class. Also, administrators should tell which teacher will teach what class.

Types of Timetable

Consolidated Timetable

It’s an integrated timetable of all classes in a school. A copy of it should be in the principal office and staff room.

Class wise Timetable

This tells which class is at which time. Furthermore, it also tells which teacher will teach what class.

Teacher wise Timetable

This is useful for the teachers. It tells where a teacher will be going to teach and what subject. Each teacher must have a copy of the concerned timetable.

Teachers Free Period Timetable

A copy of this is available at the principal office. The principal can use this to arrange for substitution when a teacher is absent.

Games Time Table

This shows the games which each class will have at a specific time. It helps students to select their favorite activity.

Principles of Timetable

The following principles are important when making a timetable:

Type of School

First of all, one should see whether a school is a single-gender school or co-educational. Also one should see whether it is rural or urban school. The level of school- junior school, middle school, high school, or intermediate school. Also, the nature of activities is also important for consideration.

Department Regulation

The department of education decides the duration of the school year. It also sets the duration of a school day. Furthermore, it also decides the number and duration of class periods.

The Principle of Justice

A good timetable gives responsibility to teachers of suitable subjects. The teacher has the qualification for such subjects. He should not teach in more than two departments. The teaching load should be equal for everyone.

Importance and Difficulty of Subjects

The time given to a subject must follow this. Hence time should be more for more important and difficult subjects.

How to Make a School Timetable?

Now the important question comes, “ how to make a school timetable”. Preparation of a school timetable happens in the following manner:

Prepare a List

This is a list of what one needs to do on a daily basis. At this stage, one should not worry about the organization.

Write Tasks

Here one should all the tasks one intends to do. Here one should write all the tasks whether big or small.

Analyze the List

Re-check the tasks to see if they are really necessary. Certainly, there would a need for corrections in this stage.

Open Microsoft Excel or a similar

Create a column of times on the left side. Create a row of days of the week at the top.

Matchup Tasks with Time

Begin with tasks that take place at a certain time. Then go to other tasks on the basis of difficulty.

Be Flexible

The time should be flexible to allow room for changes. This is because no task can be absolutely fixed.

Print Spreadsheet

Finally, the preparation of the school timetable is over.

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