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Throughout the year students prepare well for their JEE Advanced with full dedication and even perform well in all the preparation test. But when it comes to the final examination, the students unfortunately are not able to give in their best. The main reason to such failure is pre-exam anxiety.

As the JEE Advanced dates approach, students tend to be nervous & less confident about their preparation. These kinds of exam anxiety often afflict student’s performance. Due to such anxiety students tend to forget all that they have studied, find it difficult to concentrate for their revisions & mock test, resulting in worst examination performance.

Today, in this article I would list down a few tips that will help you overcome the JEE Advanced exam anxiety and help you stay confident throughout the exams.

• Be confident about your preparation & believe in yourself
It is very important for you to believe in yourself & remain positive. Let negativity not take over you & blow away your confidence. Always remind yourself that it is just another mock test that you are attempting. Also remember that this exam is not the end of your life & the ultimate deciding factor to your success.
• Keep yourself calm & composed
Keep yourself calm & relaxed before the exam. This will surely help you think better. Try meditation if necessary. It will help you balance your mind and body & eventually also help enhance your concentration.
• Follow a healthy timetable
It is very essential for the students to follow a healthy diet during exams. One should avoid skipping their breakfast, lunch & dinner at any cost. Make sure to keep healthy food as a part of your daily diet. Also one must have lots of water to keep them well hydrated.
• Avoid stressing yourself before the exam
One needs to keep their mind stable the day before the JEE exam. So, see to it that you have a good 8 hour sleep the day prior to the exam. Also, try keeping your mind relaxed as much as possible. If needed, take small breaks in between your revision & do what you like, listen to music, watch tv, go for a walk, or anything that keeps your mind relaxed.
• Do not discuss with other students at the last minute about the JEE Advance syllabus
It is always better to revise what you have already studied rather than learning new concepts in the last minute. Also avoid discussing with students about the exam syllabus as that may add to your anxiety and fear. Work on your strengths & confine on the subject you don’t know a day before the exam.
• Avoid over studying the day prior to the exam
Too much of studying can create a lot of anxiety. Having exams the next day does not mean you stress yourself out studying day & night without taking breaks. This will in no way be productive to your efforts & on the contrary may tremendously affect your concentration level for the day of exam.
• Arrive at the exam centre early
Always arrive at the exam centre early & give yourself the time to get settled & calm your never before the exam. Often, students land up at the exam centre in the last minute, creating unwanted panic & stress before the exam. It is essential for students to remain calm and beat the anxiety before attempting the paper.

In a nutshell, unwanted pre exam pressure & stress will ruin all your efforts that you have been putting for the preparation of the exam. Hence stay relaxed, follow the tips & give your best in the JEE advanced.

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