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Board exams can be an immensely stressful time for students. The constant pressure, and the back to back exams leave you tired and sleep deprived. Not being able to perform well, or even suspecting that you did something wrong in the examination hall can demotivate you severely. Make sure that this does not happen! Learn how to keep yourself motivated and in a positive frame of mind at all times.

It is easy to lose focus and get disappointed
A single bad performance can be enough to demotivate you. I have seen children starting to cry in the examination hall itself because they thought they had done poorly. When the results come out, most of them had in fact performed better than expected. Just because you think you did not do well enough in one exam, don’t let it become the reason you perform below par in the next one. One way to avoid such a scenario is by finding out what your weak subjects are and setting realistic goals for them. Some people struggle with mathematics while others find that they freeze up when solving chemistry problems.

The many tests that schools conduct are a fair way to find where you lack. Prepare extra hard for these subjects so that you can get a reasonable score. Scoring in the 90s for such subjects may not be possible for you and knowing this will let you perform better. Once you know how much you can reasonably expect, doing better will only motivate you. This hardly means that you set your bar too low, but it helps to not aim for hundred in every single subject.

Take breaks and get plenty of rest
Exhaustion is one of the biggest reasons behind getting demotivated. When you are tired, your ability to think rationally is impaired greatly. On the other hand, when you are well rested, and have had a good night’s sleep, you are in a much more positive frame of mind.

Drink lots of fluids
Water flushes all the toxins out. You will feel much lighter and healthier when you take plenty of fluids. A glass of water every other hour is great, but also see if you can drink some fresh juice at least once a day.

Eat properly and avoid junk food
Your health will play a huge role in how well you do in your exams. It is also a well established fact that people are less grumpy and irritable when they have eaten properly. Instead of eating two square meals, divide it into at least 5 meals throughout the day. Eating after regular intervals will not only keep your digestion system healthy, it will also ensure that you do not binge eat. Instead of biscuits and pizza, munch on some homemade poha or even a little salad. Studying for your exams requires a lot of energy, and when you eat properly, you will be able to perform to the best of your abilities.

Reduce stress with a little exercise
Stress is a major reason students get demotivated. Studies have proved that regular exercise does a lot more than just keep you physically healthy. It helps your mental fitness as well. The body releases a lot of chemicals when you are working out, dopamine being one of them, which make you feel happier. No wonder so many people get addicted to working out and consider it the best way to handle stress.

Keeping yourself motivated is easy. Set simple and achievable goals, eat well, sleep properly, work out, and follow a strict routine. All of this will help you remain focused and will ensure that you do your best in the exams.

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