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It has always been a baffling question for many students: how do toppers study for the most coveted exam of India i.e. JEE?

Every year, lakhs of students appear for JEE, yet only a selected few make it to the hallowed walls of IITs. To gain admission into the IITs, students need to be among the top twenty percent scorers in his/her twelfth Boards, in addition to scoring a high rank in JEE. It calls for a lot of judicious planning and smart strategies in order to succeed. JEE toppers not only work hard but do so with a lot of focus and strategic planning. This article discusses in detail and sheds some light on the different strategies adopted by JEE toppers.

Managing time effectively

Most of the toppers start preparing for JEE after 10th standard. They do not waste time because time is the only asset they have and it can affect the overall preparation a lot. Attending schools and completing projects/assignments while preparing for JEE can be mind-boggling. It needs proper planning and utilizing time resources.

JEE toppers have always sworn by three planning tools – a proper time table for each subject, long-term and short-term plans, and adequate time left for other activities such as exercise, sports, etc.

Choosing mentors wisely

A student cannot pursue his aspirations in isolation. Every student differs in the ability to grasp, memorize, and recall. He or she needs healthy competition and guidance at every step in order to succeed.

A coaching institution mentors students not only on concepts but also on study techniques and strategies. It goes a long way in ensuring that the student does not lose focus. JEE toppers have always sworn by their coaching institutes, which paved the way for their success.

Practicing self-discipline and avoiding distractions

The one factor that is common for all the JEE toppers is self-discipline. Self-discipline helps the students to stay focused on their study goals. It is a continuing exercise that takes time initially but bears fruit in the long run.

Self-discipline involves reducing the time spent on activities such as watching TV, social media distractions like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc., and sticking to study schedules and timetables.

Remaining calm and thinking positively

Success in any examination requires a high emotional quotient. Right from the beginning, the JEE toppers have not only meticulously planned and studied but also developed the right kind of attitude. A positive examination temperament goes a long way in ensuring success for the student. Develop a positive outlook towards hard work and never shy away from it.

Do not get too discouraged from mistakes or poor performances in the practice tests. Instead, learn from your mistakes as well as from the mistakes of others. You must develop a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. That will help you streamline your study process and set realistic expectations.

Adopting proven exam strategies

Burning the midnight oil or solving countless problems will not help unless it is backed by sound strategies. Look at any JEE topper—you will find them all calm and composed. They approach their exam papers in a practical manner, running through all the questions at first, deciding which ones to answer and which ones to leave.

Even with the exam paper in their hand, they do not jump headlong into answering the questions without giving it some thought. That is a very important thing while appearing for any examination. Strategizing helps you give ample time to tackle the questions you are confident about, and approach the doubtful ones later, thus maximizing your chances of a higher score. Remember, JEE exams have negative marking as well, so you should be doubly sure of the questions you want to answer or attempt.

Following the above mantras will ensure that you attain a top score in JEE and get into a career that you always dreamed of. Keep in mind that cracking the exam might be a difficult task, but it is no way impossible. With the right approach, you can emerge successful and waltz your way into the echelons of some of the best institutions in our country.

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