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What is Human Resource?

First of all, before we go much further into the main topic let us understand the basics. Human resource management is the effective management of people in an organization. Hence it helps to gain a competitive advantage. It exists to improve the skills and knowledge of people in an organization. Hence its aim is to maximize an individual’s ability. This will make the individual work in the best way possible.

Human resource management ultimate aim is to help the organization to achieve success. Therefore it prepares people for this aim.
Human resource management in schools leads to starting and operating a school. It helps in using human resources of school in the best way. The important people can be the principal, teachers, business staff. Hence human resource in schools is very important to focus on.

human resource in school

Need for Human Resources Management in School

The need to apply Human resources management in schools is significantly recognized. Human resources in school are plenty. Hence, it becomes very important to effectively manage them. This is where HR team plays an important role. Human resources management can help in increasing student performance. This happens due to the involvement and motivation of the teachers. Furthermore, human resource management also tries to make teachers more efficient. Efficient teachers help in better development of students.

Attention is also given hiring and retaining the best principal and business staff. These people are responsible for the administration of the school. So an efficient human resource management system would mean an efficient administration.

Any problems between teachers are readily met due to human resources management. Proper training of teachers happens due to HRM. HRM pays attention to any short-comings of students. The HR team identifies the reason for this. Once identified, trained teachers can then handle the problem.

Process of Human Resources Management

The process of Human resources management with regard to school is below:

Recruitment and Hiring

These are the most important decisions made by the schools. The hiring process should take place before the new term. The important things to consider here:

  • Develop a position description. It should be accurate and well written. This description helps to clarify the skills, knowledge, and experience needed.
  • Advertise the position. Choose a media like newspaper, magazine, electronic media.
  • Receive and screen applications to choose suitable candidates.
  • Conduct interviews with suitable candidates to make a selection decision.

Talent management

The HR team finds out the opportunities and challenges for the school. Hence, the preparation of human resources takes place accordingly in this way.


This means to manage the payroll of the school. The HR team decides about the salary of teachers/staff. Furthermore, human resources get salary according to the level of work. For example, a principal should receive more salary than a teacher.

Performance management

This is yet another important part of HRM in schools. This is because good performance is very important. So, the performance of teachers/students comes into view. Here performance scoring system is present. The improvement of performance takes place in many ways.

Training and Development

HR team must provide training to teachers to improve them. In this way, they can impart education in a better way. Teachers must reach full development level. This will be beneficial for students. Also, the training of the staff takes place.


Teachers and staff morale should always be high. The HR team should motivate them. Retaining a happy employee will probably be easier. Unhappy employees are likely to leave.

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