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IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern:

The IBPS examination (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) is nearing again. And to know the ins and outs of the question paper, how to prepare and what to expect, all you need to do is read the below records that state all that you need to know about IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern.


IBPS Department organizes the IBPS Clerks Examination for 7853 posts in the month of December, every year. All applicants who effectively submitted their IBPS Clerk Online Application form are now eagerly anticipating the most recent IBPS Examination Pattern of Clerk Recruitment.

The IBPS is the association which employees people for a variety of banking posts as well as a range of public sector banks that take part in the enrollment procedure.

Important things to know

  • The above examination will be conducted only on an online platform. This will be carried out in two separate parts:
  1. Phase 1
  2. Phase 2
  • Phase 1 belongs to the first round of examination that will be conducted. Phase 2 on the other hand, refers to the main examination that will be carried out.
  • The interested participants of this examination are provided with the clerk examination pattern, for the only reason that they will be able to comprehend the marking method, nature, and type of questions, paper pattern, time length, score attributed etc.
  • This will assist the nominee to get ready in a disciplined approach so that all the topics can be efficiently covered.

IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern

The IBPS division planned and organized the Common Written IBPS Examination 2018 for Clerical Cadre Posts. The IBPS Clerk assessment is always separated into 2 segments, the Preliminary and Main Examination.


IBPS Clerk Preliminary examination contains 100 questions of 100 score with a time duration of 01 hours.

IBPS Clerk Mains Examination includes a total of 190 questions of 200 score and the time length is special for each and every subject.

The preliminary examination is separated into three segments. The narrative of these segments along with score and number of questions will help out an applicant to comprehend the examination pattern.

The first segment is in the English language. It will have 30 questions in total and a maximum score of 30 is attributed to this segment.

The next segment is Quantitative aptitude. It has gigantic course outline but on the brighter side, the number of questions that are included in this segment is 35 which is less in contrast to the vast course outline. So it is essential to prepare for this segment thoroughly as it has a few complicated questions as well. The highest score attributed to this segment is 35 score.

The next segment is reasoning capability and it is composed of 35 questions and total score attributed to this segment is 35 score. The total time frame for this examination will be 1 hour.

The total number of questions in this phase is 30+35+35= 100 and the total score attributed to this phase are 30+35+35= 100 scores.

There are cutoffs for each of the segment which is at all times decided by the conducting body. Applicants need to achieve the segmental and overall cutoff in order to meet the criteria for the next phase.

The sufficient number of applicants will be chosen for the main examination. So organize your study plans appropriately.


The mains examination is separated into 4 segments and this examination also is made available online. The five segments of the examination are as follows:

  • The first segment is General/Financial Awareness (with a particular suggestion to banking) segment comprising of 50 questions and the total score attributed for this segment will be 50 and time duration for this segment is 35 minutes.
  • The next segment is the English language which will have 40 questions and total score for this segment will be 40. Time length attributed to this segment is half an hour.
  • The third segment is reasoning capability and Computer Aptitude Segment. This segment consists of 50 questions and the total score attributed to this segment is 60 score and the time duration is 45 minutes.
  • The next segment is quantitative aptitude which consists of 50 questions and the maximum score for this segment will be 50 and time attributed is 45 minutes. This segment needs to be prepared by the applicant thoroughly as the curriculum is huge for this segment and so there is need to appropriately prepare the timetable for studying this segment.

So the total score for this examination will be 50+40+60+50= 200 and a total number of questions will be 50+40+50+50= 190. The total time attributed for this examination is 35+35+45+45= 160 minutes.

Negative Marking

There is negative marking as well in this segment; an exact 0.25 score will be taken away for every incorrect answer. So make sure while trying to attempt the questions, the answers which you know will surely achieve the desired marks, should be answered and the questions in which there is no assurance, skip those questions.

This was our article on IBPS clerk exam pattern. Keep following Toppr Bytes to read more such articles.

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