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In case a student is interested in writing the IBPS PO exam, it will do them good to know that there is a certain methodology involved which they must adapt in order to be able to go about the process of preparation in an organized manner and in this regard, there are several sources online that can let you know a thing or two about such methodologies. It is first of pertinent importance to mention that there are several IBPS PO Books as well as reference books that a student will not only have to acquaint themselves with but also be thorough with each one of them. This will enable the students to understand what kind of skills and knowledge the IBPS PO exam will test you on and the best way in which one can address them during writing the examination.

Basic things to remember         

It is also important for each student looking to write the examination to be aware of the process in which the examinations happen and the scheme of marking that applies to all of the exams. It must be made known that the IBPS PO exams have three-part tests which a student will be expected to pass. That is to say, students will be first required to take the preliminary exam wherein the first thirty marks, one will be tested on questions from the English language, followed by thirty-five questions on Quantitative Aptitude for thirty-five marks and then thirty-five questions on Reasoning Ability wherein a student will be marked on thirty-five marks.

It is only upon securing the qualifying marks on this exam that a student can move on to writing the main examination which gets considerably tougher and lengthier with fifty questions of fifty marks on Reasoning, forty questions of forty marks on English language, fifty questions of fifty marks on Quantitative aptitude, forty questions of forty marks on General Awareness and twenty questions for twenty marks on Computer Knowledge.

It must be made known to each of the students looking to appear for the examination and on the lookout for IBPS PO Books that you will also be required to appear for an interview after clearing all of the exams. This particular interview will not only test the student’s knowledge on the subject at hand but will also examine the student for the communication skills he has and therefore thorough preparation is a must.

The IBPS PO books that you should possess

It is important that all students adopt an organized manner of study and get their hands on the best books that can aid them in cracking down both the preliminary and the main examinations. Given below are the names of some of the most popular books among aspiring students that are bound to help each student out.

  • The first book on this list will have to be the “Comprehensive Guide to IBPS” by Disha Publications for the simple reason that it can prepare you for both exams with ease. The book contains eight hundred pages and you will have to pay six hundred rupees for it.
  • The next of the various important IBPS PO Books that you must have is the one called “Quantitative Aptitude” which is written by R.S. Aggarwal and is the most general book that you can find in the market for the purpose of quantitative aptitude tests. This book can also be called crafted keeping the IBPS PO question pattern in mind and will cost you four hundred rupees.
  • In case a student is looking to buy a more all-encompassing book which will act as a complete package for their preparation of the three different levels of examination for IBPS PO, the ideal books would be “The Complete Success Package- Bank PO Recruitment Examination” from Arihant Publications. The book will cost a student six hundred fifty rupees but will serve its purpose of acquainting him/her with the basics of all three levels of the exam.
  • English Language by Wren and Martin is one of the unavoidable IBPS PO Books because of the simple reason that it makes the foundation of comprehending the English Language much stronger and when that happens, it becomes easy for aspiring students to secure a chunk of marks in the English Language portion of both the levels of the IBPS PO examination.
  • In the case a student is interested in doing result driven preparation, it will do him or her good to buy the book called “Target IBPS PO” Disha Publication because this book, which is over three hundred forty pages long, has a very concise approach to various concepts that students need to be familiar with, in addition to having objective as well as descriptive tests so that a student can keep track of the progress they are making. This book costs three hundred rupees and is a steal for the volume of knowledge it provides.
  • One of the smartest ways in which any student can form a fair deal of idea about the question paper and what is important for this year’s examination is by going through the question paper from previous years and in this regard the one book that can most aid students, goes by the name “Quantitative Aptitude Test for Bank PO” and is authored by N K Singh under Upkar Publications. The book will cost only two hundred rupees and will contain the question papers from the last ten years of the IBPS PO exams.

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