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Why IIT (BHU) Varanasi Has the Best Campus Life

Remember that secluded spot in your college campus where you used to hide and bunk classes? Those alluring corridors where you wandered like a teenage lover following your crush? College life gives you a bundle of memories to cherish forever. And when your campus is as beautiful as IIT BHU, life is even better!

The moment you enter the campus, you’ll fall madly in love with the beauty caged in those boundary walls. You would run out of excuses to seek a vacation to recharge yourself. All you need to do is wander around the campus and breathe in the tranquillity.

What’s So Special About IIT BHU?

Located on the southern edge of Varanasi, near the banks of the Ganges, the campus layout approximates a semicircle, with intersecting roads laid out along the radii or in arcs. Buildings built in the first half of the 20th century are fine examples of Indo-Gothic architecture. Whether it’s the beautiful greenery, picturesque horizon, the grandeur and unique architectural elegance, you name it, and the campus offers it. Nestled in the mystic land of KASHI, it is away from the ticker-tapes or big malls and has broad roads to race your cars/bikes. The Ganges lapping up at the steps at the ghats and the soft tann-tann of the bells ringing in every street creates a sight to be cherished for your lifetime.


Paradise-Like Campus Life

IIT BHU boasts of one of the best campus lives one can ever get in an Indian university. The city, in itself, is amazingly vivid in terms of its culture. In due course of time, the mystical intricacies of the city cast a spell on the senses, and students start loving the crowded streets, narrow gullies, the nocturnal deafening, deadly silence in the ghats, the distant chiming of the temple bells, the psychedelic concerts by stoned foreigners, the delicacies of roadside chat and what not.

Unlike many hostels in other IITs, every room in IIT BHU has gardens facing it. Imagine waking up to find lush greenery in front of your door. In winters, these gardens are the best place to lie down and absorb loads of warmth and vitamin-D from the sun. You could even find peacocks roaming in gardens of certain hostels during dawn. This proximity to nature is a thing you’ll not find in many other institutes.

The Old-World Charm Infrastructure & Student Facilities

The campus of BHU is legendary. The main campus is spread over 1300 acres, which is bigger than any IIT, except IIT Kharagpur. The sports facilities are amazing as there is one cricket field, two soccer fields, and one hockey field apart from swimming pool, tennis, badminton, volleyball, squash, and basketball courts. There’s a separate complex, which is devoted to athletics. The University has “within the same campus” three pioneering Institutes, viz. the Institute of Technology, the Institute of Medical Sciences and the Institute of Agricultural Sciences and fifteen faculties. Only in IIT BHU, you will have the opportunity to interact with students (girls) of IMS (medical) and other faculties like law arts, which are in the campus itself. The common rooms are quite spacious, equipped with a single LCD TV and one – two T.T. tables. The campus also has a huge and beautiful temple of Lord Vishwanath (Shiva) situated exactly at the geographical center of the university and conducts arti every evening for all Shiva devotees.

Vibrant Fests

The whole gamut of fests involves three extravaganzas in the form of the cultural festivals Kashi Yatra, Spardha, and the technical fest Technex, aside from the many departmental fests, conferences & seminars. The fests attract ample crowd from universities across India, to witness the awesome display of talent by the IIT (BHU) student fraternity inspired the lifestyle of the holy city. These add up to a pretty gargantuan figure, testifying to the fact that academic aside, a lot of emphasis is laid on all-round-personality-development. Also, various clubs like Western / Indian Music Club, Cine Club, Literary Club, etc. function at full potential within the Gymkhana.

The Endearing Camaraderie & Hostel Life

The most remarkable feature of IIT BHU is the four years of hostel life. The occasional visits by decades-old alumni & spontaneous volunteering by hostel dwellers to evince the radical changes instill a feeling that progress is indeed underway. At IIT BHU, the ambience, camaraderie, bonhomie & cooperation among batch-mates cement friendships for a lifetime. It is this one-for-all and all-for-one spirit that makes the hostel life so memorable amidst crisis situations.

The best part about the campus life? Well, it’s a fact that no matter which department rank you brag about or how high-profile you are in college, all students sit together to collaborate with one another during the taxing test series, tedious submissions & rigorous evaluations.

So, you should really feel blessed if you were or are a part of IIT BHU!

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