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JEE aspirants who go through the counselling process after cracking JEE Advanced decide very meticulously as to which IIT and branch to choose. A student will be confronted with a list to select the Indian Institute of Technology and branch they wish to study in and embark upon his/her journey of a whole new world. Your preferred IIT branches are a result of culmination of factors such as proximity, rank of particular IIT, your rank, area of interest, alumnae record, fee structure, placement record etc. We help you decide how to choose a particular IIT and a branch from all the available options of IIT Branches.

IIT Branches:

Here is a list of top IITs with the top IIT branches and other details that you need to know:

Name of IIT Top Branches
IIT Bombay 1.Mechanical Engineering
2.Metallurgical Engineering
3.Engineering physics
4.Electrical Engineering
5.Aerospace Engineering
6.Chemical Engineering
7.Computer Science & Engineering
8.Civil Engineering
IIT BHU Varanasi 1.Computer Engineering
2.Ceramic Engineering
3.Chemical Engineering
4.Civil Engineering
5.Electrical Engineering
6.Electronics Engineering
7.Mechanical Engineering
8.Metallurgical Engineering
9.Mining Engineering
IIT Delhi 1.Chemical Engineering
2.Civil Engineering
3.Computer Science and Engineering
4.Electrical Engineering
5.Electrical Engineering (Power)
6.Engineering Physics
7.Mechanical Engineering
8.Production and Industrial Engineering
9.Textile Technology
IIT Gandhinagar 1.Streams at Graduate Level
2.Chemical Engineering
3.Electrical Engineering
4.Mechanical Engineering
5.Streams at Post-Graduate Level
6.Chemical Engineering
7.Civil Engineering
IIT Guhawati 1.Biotechnology
2.Chemical Engineering
3.Chemical Science and Technology
4.Civil Engineering
5.Computer Science & Engineering
6.Electronics & Communication Engineering
7.Electronics and Electrical Engineering
8.Engineering Physics
IIT Indore 1.Bachelor of Technology in Computer
2.Science and Engineering Bachelor of Technology in Electrical
3.Engineering Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
IIT Kanpur 1.Computer Science and Engineering
2.Electrical Engineering
3.Mechanical Engineering
4.Chemical Engineering
5.Civil Engineering
6.Materials Science and Engineering
7.Aerospace Engineering
8.Biological Science and engineering
IIT Kharagpur 1.Aerospace Engineering
2.Agricultural & Food Engineering
3.Architecture & Regional Planning
4.Maths & Computing
5.Chemical Engineering
7.Civil Engineering
8.Computer Science & Engineering
9.Ocean engineering & Naval architecture
10,Geology and geophysics
11.Electrical Engineering
12. Maths and Computing
13. Mining
IIT Madras 1.Aerospace Engineering
3.Civil Engineering
4.Chemical Engineering
5.Computer Science and Engineering
6.Electrical Engineering
7.Engineering Physics
8.Mechanical Engineering
9.Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 23
10.Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

The core branches in the IITs that are highly famous amongst students are Computer Science and Electrical. The other branches that follow are Mechanical, Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Design, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy, Biotechnology and Naval Architecture. In terms of placement packages and percentages, CS leads the way followed by Electrical, Mechanical, Engineering Design, Chemical, Naval Architecture and Aerospace Engineering. Another confusion that exists in most of the students is regarding the dual degree branches wherein both and can be completed in only 5 years in most IITs. Dual degree is a great choice for students with research or PhD inclinations. For students looking forward to MBA or further studies abroad, prefer the degree. On the basis of infrastructure, placements, student preference and research terms, here is a list of IITs preferred for each branch according to the rank obtained in the Joint Entrance Exam.

Rank Branch College Rankings
1-500 Computer Science IIT Bombay
IIT Delhi
IIT Madras
IIT Kanpur
IIT Roorkee
IIT Kharagpur
Electrical Engineering IIT Kanpur
IIT Bombay
IIT Delhi
IIT Madras
IIT Kharagpur
IIT Roorkee
500-1000 Mechanical IIT Bombay
IIT Delhi
IIT Madras
Aerospace IIT Bombay
Computer Science IIT Guhawati
Mechanical IIT Kanpur
Electrical IIT Guhawati
Mechanical IIT Roorkee
IIT Kharagpur
1000-2000 Chemical IIT Bombay
IIT Delhi
Civil IIT Bombay
IIT Delhi
IIT Kanpur
Civil IIT Kanpur
Aerospace IIT Madras
IIT Kanpur
Civil IIT Roorkee
IIT Madras
IIT Kharagpur
Mechanical IIT Guhawati
2000-3000 Aerospace IIT Kharagpur
IIT Madras
IIT Kanpur
IIT Kharagpur
IIT Roorkee
Computer IIT BHU
Civil IIT Guhawati
Chemical IIT Guhawati
Electrical IIT BHU
Electronics IIT BHU
3000-4000 Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering IIT Madras
Ocean Engineering IIT Kharagpur
Biotechnology IIT Kharagpur
Chemical IIT BHU

For old IITs, the closing rank has been 4500 for core branches. From then on, the students have to make a choice between core branches in the new IITs and the other branches in the old IITs. The new IITs are IIT Patna, IIT Indore, IIT Mandi, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Bhubhneshwar, IIT Ropar, IIT Gandhinagar and IIT Jodhpur. The increasing number of IITs have led to a dilemma of choosing between an old IIT or a good branch. Arriving at a general conclusion is difficult as each student has his/her preferences. However, before filling your counselling form, make a solid research and be firm with your ground work to a make your preferences.

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