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We all know about the IITs and how they are the most premium institutes of technical learning in the country. Not only do the IITs guarantee you the best of employment opportunities but they also offer excellent internship prospects to its students. Today, in this article, we’re discussing the IIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018 and all that you need to know about it.

Here we go!

IIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018

IIT Delhi offers the Global Internship Program in Engineering Design and Innovation (GIPEDI) in Electrical Sciences for students and professionally qualified engineers. The program receives logistical support from the Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT) and the Airtel IIT Delhi Centre of Excellence in Telecommunication (AICET).

The GIPEDI program runs all through the year in four batches of different durations, namely, (Jan-May/May-July/July-Dec/Dec-Jan). GIPEDI invites applications from the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students belonging to recognized academic Institutions.

The program provides an opportunity for the professionally qualified Engineers to return to an active career after a break or sabbatical. It also offers ‘Gap Internships’ for those professionals who wish to switch careers or are between two careers. The women engineers and meritorious engineering students who need support or have special needs to fulfill their professional aspirations are encouraged to apply under the program’s affirmative action initiative.

The GIPEDI Internship is different in the sense that it does not just train students to execute projects but it trains them in all aspects of project management such as project planning, requirements analysis, specification generation, design iteration management, teamwork & ethics, behavior management, team building, group etiquette, and communication skills. Apart from a full set of technology modules, it also uses specially designed training modules in ethics, history through heritage sensitization/heritage walks, and lessons from mythology to teach culturally-conscious and effective engineering practices.

Currently, GIPEDI operates only in the areas of Electrical Sciences, which include Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Instrumentation, Information Technology and allied areas such as Electronic Telecommunication Engineering. Apart from this, certain inter-disciplinary projects in Electrical Sciences which are executed by students from other disciplines/faculty from other disciplines (for example, projects in engine control in Automotive Engineering carried out with faculty from EE and Mechanical Engineering) are also encouraged, provided the projects are focused on the domain of Electrical Sciences. Such projects in allied areas may be conducted in any Department of IIT Delhi preferably with one Faculty member from the Electrical Sciences and the other Faculty member from the other Department.

GIPEDI Contact Information

Global Internship Program in Engineering Design and Innovation in the Electrical Sciences, FITT, IIT Delhi.

Program Coordinator:  Prof. Subrat Kar, Department of Electrical Engineering / Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management.
Contact No.: +91 (11) 26591088

Administrative Contact: FITT – Mr. Uttam Aswal

E-mail: +91(11)26597164


IIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018 Eligibility

In this section, you can get all the updates about the eligibility criteria for the IIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018. Any qualified Engineer/professional (MCA/Diploma) who wishes to work in the area of Electrical Sciences (Electronics/Electrical/Computer Science & Engineering/Instrumentation/IT, and allied electrical sciences) is eligible to apply for the ‘Returnship’, ‘Gap Internship’, and ‘Reverse Internship’. In such cases, a NOC is not necessary unless you are employed (in which case, a NOC from your employer may be filed along with the Application).

Given below are the eligibility criteria for your perusal.

  • The candidate must be registered with a recognized University in the disciplines of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics, Communication/Telecommunication, and allied Electrical Sciences.
  • The candidate must be a pre-final or final year Undergraduate or
  • The candidate must be a Postgraduate (who has completed at least two semesters or one year of the required coursework).
  • Any Indian or foreign studentis eligible to apply for the Internship. All engineering, science, and students from allied areas are considered for internships, provided their research area and the topic of work stated in the Statement of Purpose is in the area of Electrical Sciences, where at least one or more faculty members of IIT Delhi from a relevant Department have a research interest.

There are broadly three categories of students who may apply for the GIPEDI internship:

  1. Category A: Meritorious but financially needy students whose application fee is waived upon submission of satisfactory and acceptable proof of financial need (along with Part A of the application form). It’s worth noting that the selection process is need-blind, in the sense that your financial need does not adversely affect your chances of selection. Also, if you get selected, your inability to pay will not lead to non-acceptance and if selected, you will receive financial support.
  2. Category B: Meritorious students who have excelled and have been recognized in a MoU/National Scheme. This category includes the following students:
  • Students already selected in IIT Delhi’s own Summer Research Fellowship Program (only those selected with full Fellowship – i.e. currently the first 20 students).
  • Students who have been selected in IISc – DST Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (through IIT Bombay).
  • Students selected for KVPY Summer Camp program.
  • Students selected by the Indian Academy of Sciences (IASc), Bangalore as IASc Summer Research Fellows.
  • Students selected under IITD- IISc- IITB- ISPCUSAT PHOCOS Research Alliance.
  • Students who have been selected for the NTSE Exam of NCERT.
  • And, special categories.
  1. Category C: Self-supported students. This definition includes the self-supported Indian students and the self-supported foreign students.
  2. Category D: Paying/Self-supported students who are already graduates. This category encompasses the Returning Professionals, Gap Internships, and Reverse Internships.
  3. Category S: Special Category Students i.e. Returnships for Women and Special Initiatives under Affirmative Action.

IIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018 Available Projects

The areas or fields of IIT Delhi summer internship 2018 are listed below:

  1. Integrated Electronics & Circuits
  2. Computer Technology
  • Embedded Systems
  • Networks
  • FPGA-based Design
  • Image Processing
  • Data Analytics & Machine Learning
  1. Communication
  • Wired/Wireless Broadband Networks
  • Signal Processing
  1. Power
  2. Control Systems

Duration of the Summer Internship 2018

The GIPEDI internship program runs throughout the year in four batches of different durations. You can find the details about the internship batches for 2017-2018 and their durations in this section.

Batches Duration Deadline
December 1 To December 31st, 2017 One  Month October 15, 2017
January 15 to May 15, 2018 Four Months Long December 10, 2018
May 15 to July 15, 2018 2 Months Long March 27, 2018
July 27 to November 27, 2018 4 Months Long June 30, 2018

IIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018 Stipend

You can get a stipend during your IIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018 if your faculty mentor can support you from his/her research grants. However, the decision is entirely at the discretion of your mentor and the quality of your work during the internship.

We recommend that you look at the overall picture and not just the monetary aspect of it. During the internship, you get to meet and work with teams of people- students, faculty, and technical staff members. You will interact with some leading researchers in the area, if the occasion warrants, and most importantly, you get to execute a project under the direct supervision of your faculty and student mentors. All of these experiences add weight to your resume and also positively shape your overall personality.

Steps to apply for the IIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018

The GIPEDI Application Process is two-fold. Firstly, you need to submit the Part A of the application form (click this link to PART-A of the application form), which A is a 4-sheet document. We’ve also included an online version of the application form for your ease of understanding.

Please note that you don’t have to submit any certificates or documents, etc. with the Part A of the form. You have to type the information in the PDF version of the form, take a printout of the same, get it signed by your Training and Placement Officer, and sign it yourself. After completing all the necessary steps you need to post the application form to the GIPEDI authorities. Make sure that you use the spaces provided instead of separately attaching typed pages. For example, your TPO should sign and stamp in the space provided on the first page instead of attaching a separate NOC on his/her letterhead. Similarly, your references should fill in your Letters of Recommendation by hand instead of attaching a separate letter on their letterhead. This helps in saving paper and reduces the mail in bulk.

Once you clear the first part of the application process, your status will be updated on the website and you will be asked to submit the Part B (Page 29 onwards) and the necessary documents.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps to fill the IIT Delhi Summer Internship Application Form.

  • Fill the Part A of the Application form: Part A has four sheets.

Sheet 1: The one-page application form plus a one-page statement of purpose.

Sheet 2: A one-page description of projects plus a one-page essay on your perceived role in the IIT-D community.

Sheet 3 & 4: First & second Letters of Recommendation in the prescribed GIPEDI format given in the Prospectus (ask your References to sign and seal in a secured envelope and give back to you).

Important Note: PART A must be forwarded by your Training & Placement Officer. If more than two students are applying from your Institute/College, then the TPO must fill in the Consolidated Merit List, and enclose it while forwarding PART-A of all applicants together in one envelope.

PAYMENT: You must enclose the Application Handling Fees payable to “FITT, IIT Delhi” along with the Part A (unless you belong to a category which is exempt from the Application Fees).

  • Take a Printout: Make sure that you take a printout of all the pages including the blank pages and the pages not applicable to you. Take a print of Part A and fill in all the information in a neat and legible handwriting (ensure that there are no cuts and overwriting). You can fill the information using Adobe PDF in typewriter mode or by hand using a dark blue/black ball-point pen (not gel or ink pens). Now, sing the form and get the necessary signatures in the relevant fields and post the form by mail to the address given at the end of the instructions.

 Please use an A4/A5-sized envelope to send your application and try not to fold your application (as it may be scanned and folds cause problems).

  • Write ‘GIPEDI Application for Batch <Batch Number>: Category <Your Application Category> on top of the envelope.
  • Send the application by post to the following address:

GIPEDI Internship Program- Attention: Mr. K.K. Roy/Prof. Subrat Kar

Foundation for Innovation & Technology Transfer (FITT)

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016, INDIA.

  • Please note that you don’t need to send PART B along with PART A – you will be asked to send PART B only if you are accepted into the program.Students accepted through MoU and special Categories such IASc-SRFP, KVPY are pre-accepted– they need to enclose PART-A (with NOC from TPO) and PART-B and a copy of the MoU which selected them (and send them to IITD). Such candidates do NOT pay any Application Fees. They will be fully exempted from the operation fees – in the following operational manner: – one month before the beginning of the GIPEDI Program they will pay the entire operation fees by DD (they will not be accepted if they do not deposit this one month before the start of the program). Upon completion of the GIPEDI Program, these students will receive a full reimbursement two working days before the end of the GIPEDI Program. If they do not join or do not complete the GIPEDI Program, the fees will be forfeited and will not be refunded.
  • After the application reaches the GIPEDI authorities, you may check its status by calling Tel: +91.11.26597164 (Uttam Aswal or Mr.K.K.Roy).
  • Apart from submitting a hard-copy of the application by post (as explained above), applications ALSO have to be submitted in the online mode. It means that you fill an online Application (at AND submit a hard copy as well.
  • Please note that the status of your application can be tracked on the GIPEDI website only and no personal intimation is sent to candidates.

Important Note: The Part B is to be submitted only if you get selected and is, therefore, a little bit more elaborate and includes the following:

  • Copies of Marksheets (self-attested) – Class 10, 12, B. Tech. (updated for all semesters till current semester), M. Tech. (updated till current semester).
  • Detailed NOC from TPO (mandatory) with attested copy of Students ID card.
  • Parental Consent and Indemnity Form.
  • IIT Delhi Faculty Mentor’s Consent Form.
  • Insurance Policy Details (Life-with-accident Insurance and Mediclaim Insurance on a TPA at a Hospital in Delhi and NCR).
  • Hostel Application Form – hostel accommodation is not guaranteed.
  • Secondment Form (for those students coming in from MoU programs like IITD-SRA, KVPY, IASc, RISE, DAAD etc.).

Lastly, you can also refer to the IIT Delhi Summer Internship FAQs and the summer internship rules to further clarify any doubts that you might have.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article about IIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018 and found it useful. Toppr wishes you all the best for your internship.

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