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IIT Fees – All you need to know

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are well known, for they provide the best form of higher education in the Engineering stream in the country. They are a group of Institutes which provide undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses in India. There are 23 IITs governed by the Institutes of Technology Act, 1961. They have been declared as ‘Institutions of National Importance’ and rightly so. This article discusses all you want to know about the IIT Fees.

List of IITs as of 2017

Following is a list of the 23 IITs as of 2017, in no specific order.

  1. IIT Kharagpur
  2. IIT Bombay
  3. IIT Kanpur
  4. IIT Madras
  5. IIT Delhi
  6. IIT Guwahati
  7. IIT Roorkee
  8. IIT BHU
  9. IIT Bhubaneswar
  10. IIT Gandhinagar
  11. IIT Hyderabad
  12. IIT Indore
  13. IIT Patna
  14. IIT Mandi
  15. IIT Ropar
  16. IIT Jodhpur
  17. IIT Tirupati
  18. IIT Goa
  19. IIT Jammu
  20. IIT Palakkad
  21. IIT Dharwad
  22. IIT Bhilai
  23. IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

Top 7 IITs in the list above were founded before 2000. IITs receive higher grants than other engineering colleges. Amounts in the range of ₹ 90 crore – ₹ 130 crores are funded by the government to these IITs every year. Other funds include the fees from students, contributions from the alumni associations and funding from the industries.

Old IIT Fees Structure

Here’s the old IIT Fees structure (Before fee hike) at IIT Bombay for general category.

IIT Fees category Amount
Tuition Fee ₹ 45000
Examination Fee ₹ 500
Registration Fee ₹ 500
Gymkhana Fee ₹ 750
Hostel Seat Rent ₹ 500
Electricity & Water Charges ₹ 2500
Medical Fee ₹ 1000
Student Benevolent Fund ₹ 1000
Hostel Establishment Charges ₹ 2000
Contribution to Hostel Subsidy ₹ 6000
Annual Insurance ₹ 126
Total ₹ 59876

The total amount per semester for M. Tech (Master of Technology) and Ph.D. courses at IITB was ₹ 19876 (General Category).

The total tuition IIT Fees paid in every IIT for undergraduate courses per annum was ₹ 90000 (General Category). The other charges varied significantly, keeping the sum below ₹ 60000 per semester.

  • Last year, the central government increased the tuition fees from ₹ 90000 to ₹ 2,00,000 per annum for general category and OBC candidates.
  • All the SC (Scheduled Caste) / ST (Scheduled Tribe) and PWD (Persons with Disabilities) candidates are exempted from the payment of tuition fees irrespective of the income of their parents. However, they will have to pay the hostel and mess fees.
  • Students with annual family income less than ₹ 1,00,000 too, need not pay the tuition fees while those with annual family income less than ₹ 5,00,000 but more ₹ 1,00,000 need to pay one-third of the tuition fees irrespective of the caste (for general category and OBC students).
  • The other charges like hostel fee, mess fee, medical fee etc. are to be paid by all the candidates.

In the year 2013, the annual tuition fee was increased from ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 90,000. Now, it has been changed from ₹ 90,000 to ₹ 2,00,000. Last year, the Ministry of Human Resource Development stated that each year the government has been spending around ₹ 6,00,000 on each student studying in the Indian Institutes of Technology. The hike in the tuition fees has been done taking this into consideration. There was a lot of unrest among the students and parents when the government released the new fee structure for the Indian Institutes of Technology.

IIT Fees after the hike

The tuition fee was last revised in 2013 under the UPA government from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 80,000. In 2008, the fee was increased from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000.

Headed by IIT-Roorkee Chairman Ashok Misra, The IIT panel, approved

  • a proposal for a three-fold increase in fee from the present Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 3 lakh
  • The students belonging to families whose annual income is less than Rs. 1 lakh will be able to get full fee waiver
  • Those belonging to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes and the differently abled will also be able to get a full fee waiver.
  • The benefit will not only be limited to these categories. The students belonging to families with an annual income <5 Lakhs will be entitled to a waiver of two-thirds of the tuition fee, irrespective of their category.

While the students already enrolled will continue to pay their fee as per the old slabs, the new structure will be applicable to fresh enrollments.

This list is only for the General Category and OBC students pursuing undergraduate courses and living in the hostels provided by the Institute (including mess charges).

Institute Fees per Semester
IIT Kharagpur ₹ 1,36,076
IIT Bombay ₹ 1,35,876
IIT Kanpur ₹ 1,29,317
IIT Madras ₹ 1,37,163
IIT Delhi ₹ 1,15,300 (excluding hostel&mess)
IIT Guwahati ₹ 1,34,480
IIT Roorkee ₹ 1,29,870

Foreign students taking admissions in the Indian Institutes of Technology after qualifying in JEE Advanced/ GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) have to pay ₹ 6,00,000 per year for under graduation and post graduation programmes. This was done as it was felt that the international students need to the total amount that was spent on their education at least. JEE was conducted in Dubai, Bangladesh, Nepal, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka this year. The primary aims of conducting these exams in other countries were to increase the diversity on all the campuses and to promote healthy world-class education standards.

Here is the fee structure of IIT Bombay after the fee hike.

Institute fee per semester

Caution money (refundable)  ₹ 2,000
One-time fee  ₹ 5,000
Tuition fees  ₹ 1,00,000
Other fees  ₹ 3,750
Extra (Annual fees)  ₹ 126
 Total Amount  ₹ 1,10,876

The hostel charge and mess charges per semester

Mess caution fee (refundable)  ₹ 1,000
Hostel Seat Rent  ₹ 500
Electricity and water fee  ₹ 2,500
Hostel Subsidy fee  ₹ 6,000
Hostel Establishment fee  ₹ 2,000
Mess fee  ₹ 13,000
Total Amount  ₹ 25,000

Hostel Fees (IIT Madras)

Details Others B.Tech and Dual Degree (SC/ST category)
Without Scholarship With Scholarship
Hostel Admission Fee 200 200 200
Advance Dining Charges 14000 14000 4000
Establishment “A” Charges 5000 5000 5000
Establishment “B” Charges 1500 1500 1500
SWD Charges 50 50 50
Total 20750 20750 10750

Institute Fees(IIT Madras)

iit fees

iit fees

IIT Fees Structure (IIT Delhi, 2017 batch)

Programme Tution/Program fee Campus Maintenance Caution Deposit (refundable)
B.Tech 2017 Rs. 1,17,500/- (per semester)
$4000 (per semester)#
Rs 15,000 (per annum) Rs 10,000/-
M.Tech 2017 Rs 62,500/- (per semester)

# For Foreign Students

Hostel Charges:

A regular student will be charged Rs. 32K during monsoon semester 2017, while on the twin-sharing basis it will be Rs. 24K. For girls, the option of triple sharing is also available, for which the fee is Rs. 21K. Hostel fees are revised annually. Mess charges may be between Rs 8,000 and Rs 10,000 for monsoon semester.

Fee Structure at IIT Bhubaneswar

Fees Structure of Under Graduate Courses

  • Caution Deposit (Refundable): Rs. 12,000/-
  • One Time Fee: Rs. 5900/-
  • Semester Fee: Rs. 30000/- (GE/ OBC)
  • Hostel Charges: Rs. 19300/-
  • Annual Fees (Medical Insurance): Rs. 1200/-

Grant Total Dues: Rs. 68,400/-

Grand Total for SC/ ST students: Rs. 43,400/-

Semester Fees for candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe is Rs. 5000/- per semester. Apart from this, they are exempted from tuition fees.

Fees Structure of Integrated Post Graduate- Ph.D. Courses

  • Caution Money (Refundable): Rs.12,000/-
  • One Time Fee: Rs.5900/-
  • Semester Fee: Rs.13800/-
  • Hostel Charges: Rs.19,300/-
  • Annual Fee: Rs. 1,200/-

Grand Total: Rs. 52200/-

Grand Total for SC/ST Category: Rs. 47200/-

Candidates belonging to reserved category are required to pay Rs. 5000/- as semester fee. Those who seek admission through Sponsored category will have to pay Rs. 30000/- as tuition fee per semester.

Fee Structure of Ph.D. programmes

  • Caution Money (Refundable): Rs. 12,000/-
  • One-Time Fee: Rs. 5900/-
  • Semester Fee: Rs. 7500/- (GE/ OBC)
  • Hostel Charges: Rs. 19300/-
  • Annual Fees (Medical Insurance): Rs. 1,200/-

Grant Total Dues for GEN/OBC/PH Category Rs. 45,900/-

Grant Total Dues for SC/ST Category: Rs. 43,400/-

Fee Structure at IIT Kharagpur

Particulars Amount
Caution Money (One Time, Refundable) ₹6,000
One Time Fees ₹3,100
Tuition Fee (per Semester) ₹1,00,000
Other fees (per Semester) ₹4,000
Annual Fees ₹1,226
Hostel Overhead Charges (per Semester) ₹8,250
Mess Charges (Six Monthly) ₹13,500
Total 1,36,076

IIT Kanpur Fee Structure

Component Payable Amount
Tuition Fee ₹ 100000
Examination Fee ₹ 300
Registration Fee ₹ 300
Gymkhana Fee (Annual) ₹ 350
Festival Fee (Annual) ₹ 150
Medical Fee ₹ 50
Students’ Amenities Subscription ₹ 300
Laboratory Contingency ₹ 300
Student’s Benevolence Fund ₹ 100
Personal Accident Insurance(Annual) ₹ 242
Membership for SHMC (Students Health Management Council) ₹ 100
Caution Money (Refundable) ₹ 7000
Total ₹ 109192

Fees Structure At IIT Patna

Institute Fee

Particulars Amount
Caution Money (One Time, Refundable) ₹4,000
One Time Fees ₹2,250
Tuition Fee (per Semester) ₹1,00,000
Other fees (per Semester) ₹3,250
Annual Fees ₹600
Total ₹1,10,100

Hostel Fee

Particulars Amount
Hall Caution Money (One Time, Refundable) ₹1,000
Mess Caution Money (One Time, Refundable) ₹1,500
Hostel Admission Fee (One Time) ₹400
Hostel Establishment Charges (One Time) ₹1000
Hostel Seat Rent (per Semester) ₹500
Electricity & Water charges (per Semester) ₹1,500
Hostel Development Fund (per Semester) ₹500
Hostel Mess Advance (Six Monthly) ₹12,000
Total ₹18,400

IIT Fees Structure for Foreign Students

  1. Postgraduate programmes (Full-time programe) :
    (M.Tech., M.Phil., M.Des. & Ph.D.)

Fees Payable at the time of admissions

Admission Fee US $ 300
International Students Association Fee US $ 50
Security Deposits (Refundable) US $ 150
Total US $ 500

 Per semester (2 semesters per year)

Tuition fees  US $ 2000

US $ 1000 in case of students from SAARC countries
(SAARC countries:- Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives)

Other fees:

(Only for students availing hostel facilities)

Particulars Amount
Examination fee Rs. 350/-
Registration fee Rs. 200/-
Gymkhana fee Rs. 500/-
Hostel Seat Rent Rs.2500/-
Electricity & Water charges Rs.2000/-
Medical fee Rs. 500/-
Student Benevolent Fund Rs. 500/-
Hostel Establishment charges @ Rs.1000/-
Contribution to Hostel Subsidy Rs.6000/-
Total Rs. 12,550/-

Annual Insurance Premium: Rs. 126/-

Mess Charges

Semester Mess Rs. 10000/-
Refundable Mess advance Rs. 2000/-
Bus Pass Rs. 1000/-

Foreign Students selected for Ph.D. Programme at IIT Bombay having EXCELLENT
academic credentials can opt for doing academic/ administrative duties in the Dept/Academic
unit to an extent of 8 hours per week to avail a “Fee Waiver” in Tuition Fees. However, if they
fail to perform the duties to the satisfaction of the supervising faculty member’s they have to
forgo the fee waiver granted to them and has to pay the full Tuition fees.
The Tuition fees applicable to such students is USD 150 (instead of USD 2000).

2. Visiting students (Under MoU / Non-MoU)
Foreign Nationals registered for a degree in the Institute/University abroad can carry out coursework and/or project work for a period of two semesters as visiting students under the MoU or otherwise.

Category Fees
Coursework fees/project work fees under MoU category No fees charged
Coursework fees under Non – MoU
USD 400 per course per semester
Project work fees under Non – MoU
USD 150 per month
Hostel charges USD 400 per semester for students doing
USD 100 per month for students doing
project work
Administration Fees USD 100 per month for students doing
project work USD 250 per semester for students doing
Students doing both will pay semester
fees (USD 250) + USD 100 per month for
additional months
Library Deposit Rs. 10,000/-
Mess advance Rs. 10000/-
Refundable Mess Advance Rs. 2000/-
Bus Pass Rs. 1000/-

It is quite obvious that the fee hike can be very unsettling for most of the candidates. But, there are many ways to make it easier for yourself. One of these ways is securing a scholarship available for students who’ve cleared JEE and have taken a seat in one of the IITs. Let us discuss the scholarships.

Scholarships Available for Engineering Standards

  1. MOMA Scholarship

MOMA Scholarship is a Merit cum Means Scholarship sponsored by the Ministry of Minority of Minority Affairs. This scholarship is for the students who perform well in academics and are not financially strong belonging to the minority community. Minority Community includes the candidates who are Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, and Jains. The entire tuition fees of the students studying in the Indian Institutes of Technology is reimbursed. 30% of the scholarship holders are girls belonging to the minority community.

  1. North South Foundation Scholarship

North South Foundation provides scholarships to undergraduate students who take admissions into engineering, medicine or diploma courses. A candidate is eligible for the scholarship if the annual family income is less than ₹ 90, 000 and he/she is in the top 10% of the 10th, 12th-grade exams and the state CET (Common Entrance Test). Preference is given to students coming from government schools, colleges and taking admissions into government undergraduate colleges.

  1. LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship

Candidates whose annual family income does not exceed ₹ 1,00,000 are given the scholarship. It is provided for the entire duration of the course. A total sum of ₹ 10,000 is provided in terms of 10 installments (₹ 1000 per month).

  1. UGC Scholarship for Rank Holders

UGC (University Grants Commission) has been providing scholarships to students to promote higher education in the country. This is given to students who hold 1st and 2nd ranks in their undergraduate colleges while pursuing post graduation courses.

  1. Google Anita Borg Scholarship

This scholarship is only for women candidates. It is provided for the women pursuing graduate and post graduation courses in the field of science. The selection is made based on the academic performance and leadership qualities.

Find more about the scholarships here.

There are plenty of opportunities in which a student can fund themselves after getting into any of the IITs. And considering the facilities both academic & extracurricular, the IIT Fees is totally worth it.

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