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Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for entrance to the most prestigious chain of colleges of India, IITs, has been an established trend since the history of Indian Education system. While JEE is a tough nut in its own regime, it has shown some diverse changes in the recent few years. The first change being introduction of JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced) while the other being the introduction of online mode of examination. After decades of the established system of written examination, introduction of online mode of examination in JEE was more of a milestone than a surprise. There is a debate among students whether to choose JEE Mains Online or Offline? We help you sort it out.

The online and offline mode, based on last year’s exam, varied heavily in terms of days for preparation, changes made easily, level of difficulty, focus and concentration. The mode of exam can indeed sometimes be a deciding factor in JEE, and something which one can’t afford to ignore for the examination is a chance of a lifetime.

JEE Mains Online or Offline?

We, hence, present you with the answer to the million dollar question and help you decide once and for all which one to choose: JEE Mains Online or offline. Here we go, the pros and cons:

JEE Mains Online Mode:

How tricky is online mode?

Pros of JEE Mains Online Mode

  1. Candidates can choose their preferred timing and date of the exam according to the slots available as per convenience.
  2. The restrictions of OMR Sheet: You can always change a marked answer in online mode. This freedom is lost in offline mode because, well, the ink is everlasting.
  3. Assigning extra time for bubbling: Personally as a student, I would always have to keep extra ten minutes aside to colour the bubbles of OMR sheet. Of course, you cannot rush this process. On the contrary, online mode offers marking answers with one click!
  4. Information like number of questions answered, number of questions unanswered, answers marked for review is available on the screen and in different colours.
  5. The application fee in online mode is lower than paper and pen mode.
  6. Students surely prefer an air conditioned room provided in online mode on a sweating summer afternoon. Perspiring improves concentration, said no soul ever!

Cons of JEE Mains Online Mode:

  1. Technical glitches: These can occur anywhere and at most abrupt of times, especially in smaller towns with lesser technical expertise. If you feel that the facilities are not sufficient, you might want to sit this one out.
  2. Question Paper is not given to students for further reference.
  3. Looking at the computer screen for 3 hours could be strenuous for eyes.
  4. Power cuts: A usual event in our country, not all facilities are provided with equipments to tackle power cuts. Why take a chance?

JEE Mains Offline Mode:

Pros of JEE Mains Offline Mode:

  1. Reviewing the question paper: Students can go through the paper as per convenience. This helps them choose the section of their strength and begin with it.
  2. No technical glitches or power failure fear: Since the examination is on paper, you couldn’t care less about the lack of equipped facilities or faculty.
  3. Conventional: This mode is highly conventional owing to our education system, and hence students find it highly comfortable.
  4. Students get to take the question paper for future reference.

Cons of JEE Mains Offline Mode:

  1. Bubbling: The strenuous task of bubbling OMR, as mentioned earlier, eats up students’ crucial time which could have been used for revision. Also, it does not leave scope for correction of wrongly marked answer.
  2. The application fee is more than online mode.
  3. Students have to appear in the exam on allotted date and time.

Weigh each side on your own, for every student mind is moulded differently and each of you may have different preference. As long as you have the choice, choose the mode which suits you best and brings out the best in you. All the best!

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