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Many students have begun their preparation for IIT JEE and if you are one of the engineering aspirants aiming for IIT JEE 2016/2017, while we focus on what to do, let’s also settle to a ‘What not to do’ list. Keep in mind the following IIT JEE preparation ‘Don’ts’:

IIT JEE Preparation: Remember these DON’Ts

While preparing for IIT JEE, it is important to remember what to do and what not to do. Here is what you are not supposed to do. Do not:

  • Ignore fundamentals and conceptual doubts: The questions in IIT JEE would be concept and application based that requires a thorough understanding and implementation of the concepts. Make a list of doubtful or troublesome topics that you come across and strike it off the list once you have understood it thoroughly. These concepts are worth lot of marks at the IIT JEE and hence never try to look away from them.
  • Regress in introversion: Bend your coyness and reach out to your mentors/teachers and classmates for help on your doubts. If shyness or ego prevents you from approaching experts for doubts then be prepared to lose marks at IIT JEE.
  • Doubt your calibre: Have faith in yourself and embark on this lifetime opportunity of becoming an engineer. Do not launch your preparation to settle scores with somebody but do it solely because you like engineering.
  • Mess your study schedule: IIT JEE preparation demands a dedicated and timed study roaster so that all the subjects get equal attention. Any irregularity in following the study routine will sharply affect your performance.
  • Refer to different refreshers or books: Procure only the relevant material and try to finish them thoroughly. Jumping from one book to another or consulting advanced level books will leave you even more confused.
  • Ignore ‘the weak subject’: Every student is prejudiced about one subject and more often than not they ignore the weak subject. Remember all the subjects carry equal weightage in IIT JEE. So, strengthen your weaker ones too; if you are confident of scoring well in other subjects then heed to the weaker one too.
  • Learn by rote: Cramming concepts is a dumb approach which means work in a smart and effective way so that you understand the concepts and then make them strong through ample practice.
  • Bunk lectures: Even if you have learned a concept well, attend the lecture considering it as your revision. You may end up learning something entirely new!
  • Study the whole night: Instead, take adequate sleep and study early in the morning. Lack of sleep may ruin your next day completely, so take proper rest and utilize day time for studying.

For a deeper insight into JEE Main, read JEE Main: All you need to know. If this is your second time of appearing for JEE here is a study plan to crack JEE Advanced in one year.

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