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Many students don’t clear the IIT entrance test in the first attempt. After their first failed effort, many students tend to take it in a bad way. The world does not end if IIT didn’t invite you in your first attempt. Repeating a year or dropping a year to enter IIT is a good and a decent option. A large number of students select this option and multiply their efforts to enter most coveted college of engineering. But this article is not about hard work but smart work. Here are some tips for repeaters – the ones who are giving the IIT JEE exam for the second time.

IIT JEE Tips for Repeaters:

Cracking IIT in the first go is a wonder work and is not accomplished by everyone. That’s the essence of IIT – which makes the desire to join the premier institute stronger and enhances the urge inside students to work harder. A definite choice has been made by you and embracing it is the first thing to do. One of the major points to remember is that there are lot of other things that are associated with IIT JEE preparation. Simply cramming of books and learning every page is not a smart way to prepare for the exam.

Below mentioned are some tips for repeaters of IIT JEE.

Here are few things that you need to consider before finalizing your hectic schedule for the rest of the year.

  • Make sure IIT is your ultimate goal. Or do you feel there are other options that are of interest you?

Being a brilliant child doesn’t make you the right person to enter IIT. Remember there are number of brilliant students out there. Your competition is yourself. You have to come out of the barrier of comfort and make your own rules and chart.

  • List out all the things that have kept you entangled  which you think might be the reason for your failure in the first place
  • Make a note of the topics that you lacked in and accordingly streamline the process you need to follow this year to crack IIT JEE
  • Is your way of studying right or does it need to change? – should be the foremost thing that you should ask yourself.
  • Enroll yourself for mock papers of a reputed institute. If you are already enrolled then try to give as many mock tests as you can. For students who haven’t enrolled themselves for any coaching institute, are advised to join a reputed institute.
  • Join a sports club. This might sound strange but this is a proven fact. Engaging yourself in sports will keep your metabolism good and increase your stamina for long hours study.
  • Time Management: Now that you have dropped a year, doesn’t mean that you can bail out of a tight schedule. Time management is pretty important and a must. Trapping yourself in a schedule will keep you engaged and focused. You will be able to meet your goals.
  • Prepare short term goals. Things should be taken part by part. That physics chapter that you think you should give plenty of time to, should be on your short term goal list.
  • Revision: The biggest fear of students is that they think if they revise, they might forget. But it’s the other way round. Revision reflects your hard work and lets you know your loop holes.

Hope this tips for repeaters from my personal experience was helpful. Happy Learning!

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