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IIT JEE is not a test of your hard work and other qualitites. It is an exam. And it doesn’t really care how you studied or what you did, all that matters is that you cracked it. When you look at it from the point of a view of a challenge and try to solve it, you need as much information as you can. We bring you a list of IIT Kharagpur Branchwise Cutoff Ranks to help you understand what ranks you should aim for if you want to crack enter IIT Kharagpur. You can have a look at the IIT Kharagpur Branchwise Cutoff ranks for JEE advanced, 2014 and set your aims accordingly. The article below tells you every cutoff rank of the students who participated in the JEE Advanced 2014. The data listed below is a compilation of the final round of the counseling.

IIT Kharagpur Branchwise Cutoff Ranks:

These detailed lists of opening & closing ranks for each branch indicates the first & the last rank for admission. The Indian Institutes of technology (IIT) officially publish the details of ranks on their website for the students. The same details are published here in this article for the students’ reference, especially for those who have appeared in JEE MAIN-2015/JEE Advanced 2015 and will appear in JEE 2016. It will help you understand how much better you need to do to secure a rank this year.  Students can have a look at the IIT Kharagpur branch wise cutoff ranks of JEE Advanced 2014 below:

Branch name General
Mechanical Engineering 1009 1215
Chemical Engineering 1323 2458
Civil Engineering 2291 2949
Computer Science and Engineering 180 305
Electrical Engineering 338 989
Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering 347 758
Aerospace Engineering 2424 3008
Agricultural & Food Engineering 5114 6107
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering 3811 5441
Mining Engineering 3355 5598
Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture 3053 5231
Industrial Engineering 2545 3348
Instrumentation Engineering 1413 2255
Manufacturing Science and Engineering 2481 3087
Quality Engineering Design and Manufacturing 3437 4155
Branch name OBC
Mechanical Engineering 390 486
Chemical Engineering 913 1281
Civil Engineering 513 1139
Computer Science and Engineering 84 161
Electrical Engineering 229 444
Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering 62 413
Aerospace Engineering 1030 1257
Agricultural & Food Engineering 2282 2646
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering 1820 2515
Mining Engineering 1540 2226
Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture 1935 2190
Industrial Engineering 1339 1591
Instrumentation Engineering 731 1156
Manufacturing Science and Engineering 1518 1651
Quality Engineering Design and Manufacturing 1888 2265
Branch name SC
Mechanical Engineering 143 268
Chemical Engineering 576 768
Civil Engineering 309 541
Computer Science and Engineering 29 115
Electrical Engineering 11 298
Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering 40 297
Aerospace Engineering 214 555
Agricultural & Food Engineering 1177 1435
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering 1015 1281
Mining Engineering 528 1282
Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture 1252 1401
Industrial Engineering 782 1035
Instrumentation Engineering 429 687
Manufacturing Science and Engineering 868 1061
Quality Engineering Design and Manufacturing 1243 1274
Branch name ST
Mechanical Engineering 110 127
Chemical Engineering 212 430
Civil Engineering 169 188
Computer Science and Engineering 45 75
Electrical Engineering 55 152
Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering 76 168
Aerospace Engineering 246 392
Agricultural & Food Engineering 657 787
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering 673 756
Mining Engineering 405 651
Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture 487 526
Industrial Engineering 450 549
Instrumentation Engineering 537 584
Manufacturing Science and Engineering 519 660
Quality Engineering Design and Manufacturing 848 848

Please note that this IIT Kharagpur Branchwise cutoff ranks do change every year based on the availability of seats and also depending on the performance of the students. Also, the cut offs may differ from branch to branch across all other IIT institutes. So before you have a look at these cut-offs, decide which college and branch you want.

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